Amazon is the largest online retailer in the U.S. and carries a market capitalization that exceeds Walmart’s. It didn’t get to this level by selling books alone- or by just selling stuff online. Amazon is a world onto itself and, as such, also features many different ways for people to earn money online. Here are 10 different ways you can go about it.

1. Amazon Marketplace

The most well-known method for marking money with Amazon is through the Amazon Marketplace. Here, you can post your products as an Amazon seller akin to how you’d post them on Ebay. The difference between Amazon Marketplace and Ebay is that Amazon doesn’t do auctions.

Many Amazon sellers buy their products wholesale through Alibaba or Ebay and then resell those items for a higher profit. Before you purchase in bulk, however, make sure that your items are of good quality- otherwise, you’ll end up with bad reviews that will ruin your seller’s reputation.

2. Amazon Associates

If you are an affiliate marketer, you are probably aware that Amazon offers an affiliate program called Amazon Associates. With this program, you can ‘lift’ products from the Amazon website and link them in your own website or blog via a unique affiliate code. In exchange for doing so, you earn a commission from every sale made via your code.

Amazon’s commission levels vary from 4%-8% depending on how many items are sold each month. What’s nice about this program is that, once someone clicks on your code and then purchases something, it doesn’t matter whether or not you are promoting that item. In other words, you still earn a commission.

3. Amazon Homemade

If you make crafts or other handmade goods, you can sell them through the dedicated Amazon Handmade platform. The only requirements to selling here are that your goods must be completely handmade (not machine-produced) and your company must employ fewer than 100 employees.

In exchange for offering you a storefront, discounted shipping, marketing and fraud protection, Amazon takes a 12% cut of your sales. However, if you are an Amazon Associate, you can feature your own products on your website or blog and actually make an affiliate commission from them.

4. Amazon Flex

If you live in a big city, are 21-years-old, have an Android-based phone and access to a car, you might consider signing up with Amazon Flex. This service teams up with private individuals who can deliver products to customers and pays those individuals $18-$25/hour.

The hours are very flexible and you can sign up for blocks of 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours any day of the week. Keep in mind that, because Amazon Flex is fairly new, it may not yet be available in your town.

5. Amazon Trade-In

If you like to purchase items at wholesale for eventual resale, give Amazon Trade-In a look. This program allows you to sell your products for a nice profit, especially compared to sites like Craigslist or Ebay.

Before you dive into Amazon Trade-In, use the site to study how much your product will fetch at trade-in. Smartphones and name brand electronics command a good price, as do other top brand name items. The only hitch is that Amazon pays you in credit, not cash.

6. Kindle Direct Publishing

If you’re a writer, you can make money on everything from your short 25-page instructional e-book to your novel trilogy with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. If you list your books with KDP Direct, you can earn up to 70% on royalties for books sold in the U.S. or abroad via Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

Even better, if you post your own books on your website or blog using your Amazon affiliate link, you can earn up to a 6% commission on top of any royalties.

7. Merch by Amazon

This program is currently available by invitation only; however, it’s a good program to keep checking out and applying for because it enables you to sell your own personally designed t-shirts at no up-front cost.

In essence, all you do is upload your own t-shirt design and promote it. Should your design sell, Amazon does the printing, packing and shipping. In exchange for this service, Amazon takes a 50-55% commission.

8. Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, is a microjobs site that pays you small sums of money for completing tasks ranging from data entry to search engine evaluation to website testing. These human intelligence tasks (HITs) pay a few dollars, and you might end up earning $8-$10/hour if you line up a bunch of them and complete them quickly.

Obviously, you won’t be quitting your day job for this line of work, but it is a good source of extra cash.

9. At-home customer service

While this is a work-at-home position, it is limited to certain states. However, if you live in the states of Arizona, Texas, Oregon or Washington, you can apply for this position and earn $10-$12/hour (according to Glassdoor). Some of the customer service work is seasonal and some of it permanent.

10. Amazon Vine

If you like posting product reviews, and you already have done so, you could end up being a Vine Voice reviewer for Amazon. This program offers top Amazon product reviewers the chance to keep products in exchange for detailed reviews.

The program is rather exclusive and by invitation only. However, if you keep writing great reviews over time, you will inevitably be noticed and invited to join.

The Bottom Line

Amazon is more than an online retailer- it’s also a good source of cash for your side hobbies or even full-time business. Be sure to take advantage of this platform and earn more money.

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  • Jaswinder Kaur
    Jaswinder Kaur

    These all ways to earn Money with Amazon are good and they are described here on this article very nicely, so one, who want to Make Money online, can choose any of these Ways.

    Yes everyone can not be expert in everything, so in my opinion, one should choose the one or two ways only, which he/she is more knowledgeable about.

    As I love to do Affiliate Marketing and this is my favorite way to Earn Money Online until now.

    I use Amazon Affiliate Links on my Blog(Ease Bedding Dot Com) and my blog is now one year seven months old. For last one year, it is making almost $1000 US Monthly.


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