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10 Weird Ways to Make Money Fast

It never hurts to have a side gig or three that help you generate some extra money for emergency bills, outings and the like. However, aside from finding a part-time job, how can you quickly make a few extra bucks on the side?

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Luckily, thanks to the Internet and smartphone apps, there are many upon many ways available for making money fast and without having to accumulate another W-2. Some of these methods are a bit unconventional, but they do work.

Here are just 10 of them:

1. Get tracked by Google.

If you’re OK with being monitored by the big G, you can install Google Screenwise as an extension on your laptop and have Google track where you spend your time online. There is a similar such app that installs onto your smartphone. In exchange for being tracked through all your devices, you’ll earn $6 automatically, and $3/week thereafter. You can exchange your earnings for gift cards.

2. Get a tattoo.

LeaseYourBody is a site that matches your body parts with advertisers willing to tattoo them. In exchange, you get money for being tattooed with a brand or company logo.


Fortunately, the tattoos are temporary. Through LeaseYourBody, you set up a user profile and name your price for putting a temporary tattoo on some portion(s) of your body. If an advertiser likes your profile and price, you’ll be contacted and paid to wear a tattoo for a specific length of time.

3. Turn your smartphone into a mini-billboard.

The lockscreen on your smartphone can become a billboard that pays you money through the Fronto app. This app displays small ads that you can swipe and participate in for money. For example, a swiped ad might lead you to a company website. In exchange for going to that website, you earn points. At 2500 points, you earn one dollar, which can be cashed out via Paypal.

4. Sell your textbooks to the highest bidder.

Sure, you can sell your textbooks online, but wouldn’t you like to get the best price for them? With Bookscouter, you submit your ISBNs or barcodes online and get the best price from up to 55 websites. Bookscouter is also available as a smartphone app, which features a handy scanner.

5. Play games for fun and profit.

Testing apps and games is a fun job, but someone has to do it. ErliBird is a website that allows you to beta test apps and games that are in the process of being developed.


The beta test typically involves you using the app or game for about 15 minutes and commenting on it during this time. Your testing and comments are recorded.

In exchange for performing a computer or mobile app/game review, you are paid $10 or $20, respectively.

6. Clip and share coupons.

If you’re into clipping coupons, then you’re in luck: CouponChief will pay you money for your clipped and shared online coupons and coupon codes.

To participate in this program, you’ll need to find online coupon codes and paste them into CouponChief’s pays2share program. When another site member uses that code, you’ll earn 2% of the resulting sales. You can earn up to $25 per retailer.

7. Listen to some tunes.

Websites like Slicethepie and HitPredictor reward you wish cash, gift cards, and prize drawings in return for you listening to new music releases and submitting reviews. Don’t worry- the reviews need only be two or three sentences long. Slicethepie is more cash focused, while HitPredictor does more prizes and raffles.

8. Become a fashion designer.

You can design your own T-shirts and other apparel and make a profit by selling them online through sites like Teespring. The only hitch is that you must set a sales quota, and then achieve it, by promoting your own designs.


If you have some good clothing design ideas, you can make a substantial profit by selling T-shirts online via Teespring. Also, there is no waste because the items aren’t printed until an order comes through.

9. Bet on your own weight (loss).

Sites like Dietbet and HealthyWage will actually pay you to lose weight. And typically, the more weight you lose and the longer you keep it off, the more money you make.

These sites have you do an initial weigh-in and then ask you to lose a given percentage of your weight. You bet a given amount of money on your success. If you win your bet, you make money. On some long-term bets, you can make back several times your initial bet.

10. Watch some TV.

You can actually earn money while watching TV through RewardTV, a site that pays money and awards prizes for your answering trivia questions about popular TV shows. This is done with the intention of tracking TV show viewership.

If you watch a good deal of TV and answer the trivia questions regularly, you can make about $20/month for your efforts.

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The Bottom Line

There are many different and albeit strange ways you can make money online, even while doing recreational activities like listening to music or watching TV. With a little bit of effort, you can turn your recreation into a bit of cash.

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