Just like every other affiliate (or other) marketer, you could probably use a few more email subscribers. However, how can you cleverly get people to sign up to your newsletter without getting too annoying?

Luckily, there are a number of WordPress-based plugins that can help you grow your email list fast and without being too obtrusive. Here are 10 such plugins:

1. Pippity

This plugin allows you to create and show pop-ups to your audience when they are on your website. Because pop-ups can be annoying, Pippity allows you to customize your messages and when they appear; for example, readers may see the pop-up only after they reach the bottom of your blog post. You can also customize which pages of your website display the pop-up, after how many seconds of viewing, and how often.


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Pippity also has built in analytics tools that allow you to analyze your pop-ups and their conversion effectiveness. You can even do A/B testing via this plugin. The plugin costs $49 per year for one website.

2. Hellobar

If you’d rather not use pop-ups as a way to attract subscribers, Hellobar enables you to create a narrow bar across the top of your website that encourages readers to click on it. This bar need not ask readers to subscribe to your website or blog directly; instead, you can have readers submit their information through Hellobar to register for a webinar or meetup, for example. Once their information is entered, however, you can conveniently use that information to send them periodic information about your website and its products.

Hellobar also offers A/B testing of your messages and allows you to generate follow buttons for Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Best of all, the service is completely free.

3. Comment Redirect

This WP plugin, which is also free, enables you to capture your readers’ attention at the moment they comment on your blog post and redirect them to a related web page, ask them to check you out on Twitter, or have them subscribe to your newsletter. From its online reviews, Comment Redirect appears to be very simple and easy to use, with its popularity skyrocketing since November 2014.

comment redirect

4. Thank Me Later

Yet another freebie is the Thank Me Later (TML) plugin, which enables you to thank people who commented on your blog by emailing them a custom message a few days after their comments are made. Within this message, you can also encourage your commentors to subscribe to your blog, check out a given web page, like you on Facebook, etc. You might also send them a thank you gift, like an e-book or product review.

5. OptinMonster

This popular WP plugin allows you to create a range of different optin forms, including the standard sidebar widget as well as a footer bar, slide-in and pop-up. These forms can be customized by you or be derived from a set of templates.

OptinMonster also allows you to perform A/B testing and track the number of impressions, conversions and conversion rate. You can integrate the plugin with email platforms like Aweber and Mailchimp.

Most ingenious of all, the plugin senses when your visitors are about to leave your site- and quickly messages them with a request to sign up to your newsletter. This exit-intent technology has the capability of retrieving many of your exiting visitors- and turning them into subscribers.


This plugin runs $49/year for a basic license, while the pro version costs $199/year.

6. SumoMe

The SumoMe plugin provides you with a number of free apps to grow your subscriber list, including its List Builder, Scroll Box and Smart Bar. The List Builder allows you to create a pop-up that can be customized to appear while readers are on your website or just about to leave. The Scroll Box creates a slide-out optin form on your selected web page. Finally, the Smart Bar enables you to place a small horizontal optin form at either the top of your page, as the reader scrolls up, or as the reader moves down the page.

The SumoMe plugin can be integrated into Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact and other email marketing platforms.

7. Optin Revolution Pro

This WP plugin comes as a free and paid version (for a $47 one time fee) and enables you to create pop-ups that contain videos and social links. The plugin allows you to conduct easy split testing and decide where, when and how your pop-ups appear. Optin Revolution Pro can also be integrated with a number of email platforms like Aweber, MailChimp, iContact, etc., or even your own custom platform. If you end up not liking the plugin, it does come with a 30-day free trial period.

Optin Revolution Pro

8. Ninja Popups for WordPress

This plugin isn’t completely free- it costs a $20 per license- but it comes with a lot of pre-designed themes and can integrate with a range of email platforms like MadMimi, InfusionSoft, Aweber, Sendy, etc. Ninja enables you to creatively “nudge” your readers into becoming subscribers, from offering them a coupon or discount as they leave to “locking” a page’s content until the reader performs an action (such as sharing that content).


9. Subscriber Content Lock

If you’re generating extensive reports or long-form premium content on your website or blog, you may actually wish to have your content locked down and not viewed by anyone other than your subscribers. This is also a handy way to encourage casual visitors to become more involved with you and your website.

To this end, the $17 Subscriber Content Lock plugin allows you to lock your content unless the reader subscribes or completes a given action to unlock it. The plugin also easily integrates with standard email platforms.

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10. Optin Crusher

Most email marketing platforms provide you wish a classic (i.e., boring) option to add an optin box somewhere on your blog or website for potential subscribers to fill out. The free Optin Crusher plugin, by contrast, helps you create an optin form that is less traditional and stands out on your page’s footer.


You can easily customize this optin footer’s colors and graphics to match those of your own website or blog. Also, the plugin integrates with any email platform that can generate an HTML form.

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