December is here and many marketers are readying themselves for the Christmas push.

In between all of this though, you should be also considering what 2016 will bring you. Having a solid plan of action makes everything that little bit easier after all.

If you’re new to internet marketing or looking to expand your current selection of sites, I’ve compiled some niche ideas for you to pursue in 2016. I also have a free step-by-step guide on how to turn these ideas into money making businesses. Be sure to check it out after you’ve browsed the list.

Here’s my list of the top 12 niches to look at that could bring in big bucks next year.

1. Drones

Big in 2015, the drones’ niche shows no signs of slowing down in 2016.

With more manufacturers and a growing hacker/maker scene, drone sales will likely continue to be a strong and profitable niche.

2. 3D printers

3D printers came out with a bang, but have not quite hit the mark with the mainstream consumers yet.

This doesn’t mean that the niche is dead though. There is a large early adopter market already involved in the 3D printing scene, and innovations and research keep happening.

We are looking at more complex machines that can produce products in metal and food stuffs, as well as the obligatory plastic, coming to market.

The pricing structure of these devices is also at the sweet spot for affiliate marketers: high enough for decent commissions, low enough for a larger sales base.

3. Gaming

While not yet classified as a true sport, the eSport niche is booming.

More and more people across a variety of age ranges are active video gamers, whether it’s via mobile apps, consoles or desktop computers.

There are a variety of angles that can be taken with this niche and while commissions in general aren’t huge on the games themselves, there are numerous tangents that can be taken (hardware, etc).

4. The Olympics

2016 will bring us the summer Olympics in sunny Rio de Janeiro.

This will give affiliate marketers tons of opportunities to make cash from merchandise and sport tourism, through to more tangent niches like sports equipment and lessons (as people become interested in the actual sports).

Just be careful with using the Olympic images and trademarks. They are ruthless protectors of their brand!

5. Legal Marijuana

While promoting cannabis itself might still be a risky grey area, there is still a lot of different ways in which you can make cash from this booming, and legal, cash crop.

Smoking paraphernalia is going to be a solid marketing niche in 2016, in my opinion.

6. VR (Virtual Reality)

VR equipment has been around for a few years now, and while nowhere like what science fiction movies show it as, it is still a booming niche, and all indications point to more interest in it in 2016 as the technologies improve and the prices come down.

7. Self-balancing scooters (“hoverboards”)

In the late half of 2015, self-balancing scooters hit the headlines, and more and more people are interested in this wacky form of transport.

2016 will likely bring a larger market base and more products to the shelf.

8. Relaxing Drinks

Created to contrast the large energy drink market, relaxing natural drinks can help people relieve some of the stress of their day to day lives and help them sleep easier.

The industry was worth a solid $153 million in 2014, and is trending higher year on year.

9. Wearable Technology

Wearable tech came to light in 2012 via the ill-fated Google Glass, and came to the fore once again in 2015 mainly through the various smart watches available.

2016 holds promise for more divergent wearable tech, with the advent of temporary electronic tattoos, and smart rings.

A blog on wearable tech would hold the potential for great things.

10. Health

While not new, and quite broad, the health niche should not be ignored. As one of the “three big ones”, the health niche is an evergreen niche that covers a vast amount of sub-niches.

Mental health, specific health conditions, fitness and healthy living cover just a few of the niches available in the Health category.

The general trend in developed countries is towards a healthier lifestyle; smoking and drinking alcohol is broadly going down, while people looking at eating organic produce, exercising and taking care of their mental well-being is on the rise.

11. Wealth

The second of the “big three”, wealth is constant favorite niche in internet marketing circles.

While often touted as the best way to get started with IM, the wealth niche is often a tough nut to crack due to the heavy competition and highly experienced marketers in the niche.

That being said, finding a smaller sub niche and working it can often provide a solid income base.

12. Sex & Relationships

As long as there are people there will be relationships. As long as relationships happen, people will need advice.

Whether it’s to help people find their soulmate, or tips for spicing up a dull sex life, there are so many sub-niches in the Sex & Relationships niche that it’s understandable why it’s part of the “big three”.

With an aging population, more focus can be put on dating and relationship advice for older people, who struggle with body image issues, fear and shyness just alike teens do.

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There are tons of niches out there if you look hard enough, and 2016 is definitely going to be a winner for marketers who plan ahead.

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    These are good ideas, I’ve been looking for profitable niches to build some niche sites, Liked the idea of the Olympic Games, will take place in Rio de janeiro, also think it’s a good opportunity to explore, since these events greatly increases the demand and search about sports.

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