Finding interesting topics to write blog posts about is hard. It is made even worse by the fact that once you have an idea, you actually need to write about it!

Not everyone loves writing and for many it is an absolute chore, often put off until the absolute last minute.

Even if you do like writing, it is a good idea for both your own sanity and your readers, to try something different once in a while.

Having a variety of differently styled blog posts can also help engage visitors to your site who may not want to wade through several thousand word articles.

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I’ve compiled a list of different blog posts styles that can be created with little to no writing.

I would suggest though that you do include at least a paragraph or two at the beginning or throughout the content just to help with SEO: at least it will only be a couple of hundred words!

1. Image Gallery

Most niches provide a wealth of images pertaining to their topic. These can be leveraged to create an image gallery or slideshow.

Add in a sentence or two for each to explain the image, and maybe an affiliate link and you’re set!

Need an example? Head over to and pretty much pick any post!

2. Infographic

An infographic is an image that contains information.

These are all the rage at the moment and can be easily created via an art package like GIMP or Photoshop.

If you’re short on artistic ability (I feel your pain!) you can try an online service such as, Piktochart or

3. Link Aggregation

If you have ever checked out the “Top 10 Best Widget” style posts which are common for WordPress related blogs as well as others, then you have an idea about link aggregation.

It involves listing out the top links for a particular subject, along with an image and a small blurb if needed.

These are really powerful, as many users are drawn to them as lists are easily digestible.

4. Videos

Video marketing is a well-known tactic, but why not use videos for blog posts as well?

They don’t have to be top of the range in quality so long as they are understandable.

Not only that but you get the added benefit of hosting it on a site like YouTube, potentially increasing the reach of you post.

You can do pretty much anything via video, such as taking a question (perhaps one posed by one of your readers) and answering it.

You could also do reviews of products, with physical products being an excellent subject.

5. Audio interview

Interviewing some of the well-known (or not so well-known) names in your niche can provide your readers with incredible insights.

Rather than doing it by email, why not ask your interviewee to do the conversation over the phone or via Skype and record the audio and release it as an MP3 on your post?

6. Podcast

One step further from the Audio Interview is that you do irregular or regular Podcasts. In reality, podcasts are just oral blog posts, but you could even ask one of your fellow niche bloggers to join in and make a full blown discussion out of it.

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7. Songs

Songs are an interesting idea, but not suitable to every niche. They do offer a fun way to create a post. Imagine you’re in the health and fitness niche, you could have a post about “8 Top Tracks To Work Out To”.


There are two ways to take quotes and make them into an awesome blog post. First you could compile a list of quotes from people in your niche that are either inspirational or informative and provide them to your readers.

Secondly (and I’ll admit this one does potentially require writing) you could take a quote and discuss the meaning, relevance or impact that the quote has. You could do this as a written post, video or audio.

Depending on the quote you might even be able to make an infographic or fun cartoon out of it.

It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations. 
― Winston Churchill

9. Polls & Surveys

Using a poll or a survey to discuss a popular topic in your niche can really help drive user engagement.

Not only that but it can also provide you with data about your visitors thoughts and preferences. This data could easily be used to make more targeted blog posts in the future. It could even spark other ideas such as product creation, etc.

It’s easy to get a survey or poll created as there are numerous online services such as SurveyMoney and PollDaddy.

If you are a WordPress user then there are dozens of poll and survey plugins out there, both free and premium.

10. Re-blog

Though re-blogging should be used with caution and sparingly, ity is a really easy way to get worded content on your site while barely writing anything.

To do so, you need to approach another blog in your niche and ask them if you can post one of there blog posts on your site.

Make sure that you offer (and fulfil) to provide proper accreditation.

You could also add a paragraph or two at the start or even break down the original post and add commentary to it.

11. Guest blog

Guest blogging is still not dead! Reaching out to your fellow niche bloggers can provide a way to add content to your site with no writing required.

Generally the blogger would want a link back in return, either in the content or in an author bio box below the content.

To keep on the safe side of the search engines, make sure you only accept quality articles from respected bloggers.

12. Update an old post

Too often it is easy to write a blog post, set it and forget it. Blog posts that provide information such as tutorials or are about a news related topic are ripe to be returned to be updated.

The updates could be as simple as correcting something that no longer works (this often happens in coding or technical articles) or to add new information about what has happened since you wrote the article.

Add in your edits, maybe add in a note that the article has been updated and when and update the posts published date to make sure it appears in your post feed again.

13. Outsource

Finally, if you just haven’t got time to even collate information or reach out to others in your community, you can always pay for an article.

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There are many services and writers available for hire from places such as iWriter or Textbroker.

Do your research prior to using services like these, or try to find a respected freelance writer via someone in your network.

And remember you get what you pay for; a $10 article will not be as good as a $65 dollar article (generally).

You also need to make sure that you are clear in what the topic focus should be otherwise you may end up with many re-writes and delays, which is not good for you or the writer.

Do you have any other article styles that involve little to no writing? Let me know in the comments.

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