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Gasoline is the daily obscenity in my life. I hate the stuff, hate that I need it, hate the $10B profit-per-quarter corporations that produce it. That’s B as in Billion! Per quarter! (Check out the price in the picture. Maybe Q2 2008 will be $20B.) “You’ll pay it and you’ll like it,” they growl. They could at least be courteous enough to use lubrication! And yet I have to keep paying them if I want to live in my auto-centric state.

So you’ve seen the offers online: Free Gas! (the link is just one such offer). Sounds good, you say? I thought so, too. This is my chance to save some money and stick it to the man! Maybe too good to be true?

Well, stay tuned because I just signed up and will let you know what happens.

Update 6/4/07:

Alas, the website recently posted this update:

P.S. We are currently on backorder. You should expect your booklet the middle to end of June. We apologize for the delay but as you can imagine this is EXTREMELY popular with gas prices so high. We use a First Order First Ship system so I would definitely get on the order list now.

We’ll keep you posted.

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  • Halina

    Looks like that saveongascards.com website went under…

  • Julia

    oh, forgot to mention… if you really want to make money from “gasoline”. i did buy CVX stock 9/26/2006 for $61 (only 30 shares though), it incrased 50% by now! (to around $90!) i think that translate to around $850. not bad, huh? well, i haven’t sold it yet; so it can still take a plunge for the worse.
    i didn’t sign-up with mypowermall.com because i actually don’t shop online that much. it sounded like a free MLM-like online-shopping portal. i can’t see the catch yet except for giving my personal info to the company.

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