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The Week in Review


It’s been a busy first week at IveTriedThat.com, what with ironing out the wrinkles and tackling our first reviews. We’re not rich yet, so none of the things we’ve tried are magic pills to instant wealth. (There should be one, don’t you think? I get dozens of spam Viagra and Cialis invitations a week, so magic cure-alls apparently exist. Those are magic pills of a different sort, I suppose.) Here are the ongoing reviews that were updated this week:

Free Gas Cards: a program claiming to award $100 in gas cards merely for redeeming gas certificate booklets by mail.
What’s New: I bought the gas certificates for $26, but so far have not seen them and have not heard from the person who got my money.

Surveylot.com: A site claiming to hook you up for free with the best-paying survey sites on the Net.
What’s New: Lots of smoke here, but not much fire.

Day Job Killer: A popular ebook that promises to give away the secrets of how to make $1,000,000 online.
What’s New: The book has been read and a review will be posted later this week.

Nigerian Scam: This is not properly a review. In fact, I’ve learned there is a name for what I’ve been doing with Miss Angela: scambaiting. It’s a growing cybersport that has some pretty impressive players.

We’ll update these reviews during the coming week as well as tackle some new ones. As always, if you have suggestions for reviews or there’s a program or product you’d like to try but don’t want to risk the cash, drop us a line and we might give it a shot. At IveTriedThat, we lose money so you don’t have to.

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