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Here’s what we covered this week (5/27/07 to 6/02/07)

I broke up with my Nigerian scam fiance (read the whole melodrama or skip to Round 7 for this week’s update).

Steve dissected ebook scams with his discussion of the presell page.

We reviewed John Chow’s free ebook about how to make money online and added it to our Recommended list.

And as proof that all ebooks are not created equal, Day Job Killer has little to offer. Read the review of Day Job Killer here.

Read our review of the Google Pack, a sweet suite of free treats (sorry. couldn’t resist), which holds another honored slot on our Recommended list.

Nothing new on the Free Gas Cards review, sadly. I paid my money on 5/23, but have received nothing in the mail and have not heard from the seller. I’ll follow up with him/her this week. We are still within the timeframe the seller’s page said to allow for shipment.

Thanks for visiting, and check back often. We’ll have lots of other useful reviews for you in the coming weeks.

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