Here it is in a nutshell: you can see millions of offers online that claim to save you money or help you make money. You know most of them are scams, but once in a while you read one that catches your interest and looks pretty good. But you don’t want to risk the cash because, well, most of them are scams. That’s where we come in.

At I’ve Tried That, we sign up for stuff and post the results here. So check here first before you invest time or money in that latest Life Changing! idea. Here’s what we tried this week (June 9 to June 16):

I posted two updates to my ongoing review of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. In a nutshell: I have high hopes and expectations.

I also updated you about the mysterious increase in spam I’ve seen since signing up for

Steve reviewed another popular “get-paid-to” program. This time around it was InboxDollars, who claims you can get paid to read email. The bottom line: don’t quit your day job.

Steve posted another How-To that everyone should read. Be sure to learn what a Clickbank image means and what to do when you see one.

Check back often because we update at least daily with new reviews and updates to ongoing reviews. This coming week, I’m expecting to finally receive the free gas cards certificate book in the mail. You’ll want to know how that turns out. It’s a big potential money saver, if it works like it’s supposed to.

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