I recently saw this lovely ad on craigslist:

Get paid for your accounting and financial professional expertise and advice. Guru Country brings together experts like you and individuals who have questions and need answers. You are paid immediately for your professional feedback and advice.

Guru Country is looking for professionals who would like to join our growing team of paid professional advisors. Get paid immediately for providing individuals with your professional advice. You set your price, and you determine if you want to advise an individual. Your professional advise is worth something. Now it’s time to get paid to provide that advice in an online environment specifically made just for gurus like you.

Pre-register today by going to www.gurucountry.com

I give expert advice on a daily basis, but I do so for free. So when I heard I can make money for what I already do, the ad had me at “get paid.” I registered an account at the preview website and received a welcome email. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress.

Welcome to gurucountry.com.Thank you for applying to become a Guru Country Citizen (Guru Advisor). We have recieved your application. We will contact you with login information, website pre-view dates and much more.

You can email us at admin@gurucountry.com

Guru Country

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  • gabrielle

    I excited to become employeed cause I really need the money but I cant wait until I get an response.

  • Steve

    I’m anxiously awaiting for an emailing regarding an update to the site. However, I don’t think it’s going to be any time soon.

  • Dhruv Mehta
    Dhruv Mehta

    I think thats really a gr8 site. It can be good source for professional people. Lets see when it goes online.

  • Robert

    They are posting ad’s all over craiglist for all kinds of professions. A friend saw one for chefs and culinary experts. I saw another for C++ programmers. There are several systems like this already, including one recently disbanded by Google. gurucountry asks for a lot of personal info, more than they need, methinks. I’d wait to see if it goes live.

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