Here’s a really hard question: Say a guy is giving away cash on the corner by Walgreens. You walk up and he says, “Hello, would you like $50 or $100?” What’s your answer? [tick, tick, tick, ding!] No thought required, right? Some things are just no-brainers!

Finally! A money-saving claim that’s not a scam or a waste of time. Introducing the honored holder of our #3 “I Recommend That” spot: The 2008 Entertainment Book! I’ve tried it and it pays for itself many times over. This is your Entertainment book review.

Entertainment is a coupon book offering a wheelbarrow load of two-for-one deals and 50% discounts at restaurants and attractions all over the U.S. It is a steal at $30 (prices vary), and the book gives you your money back with just a couple of uses because you either buy one thing (like dinner) and get another free, or take 50% off of just one thing.

Let’s say my wife and I are going out for dinner and a movie with the kids. What if I had two payment options:

Option AOption B
Dinner for 4 at a The Red Iguana: $35Dinner for 4 at The Red Iguana: $17.50
Movie Tickets for 4: $28Movie Tickets for 4: $21
Total: $63Total: $38.50

Here’s another hard question: Which option should I choose? Hmm…let me deliberate…

You know the crazy part? This is not a hypothetical situation. I literally have these two options, and so can you. The Entertainment book is loaded with discount coupons for all the places you love to go. When I buy 2 entrees at The Red Iguana, the other two are free. I buy 3 movie tickets at $8, and the fourth is free. If I rented a car to get there, I could upgrade from the Corolla to an Avalon for free. I buy a small Latin-American country, the second one is free. If you eat away from home, see movies, or travel, the Entertainment book is a no-brainer.

Or if my gorgeous, hard-working wife wanted a night out by herself, she could go alone and just take 50% off one entree at The Red Iguana, Chippendales (well, maybe not that one), or even Taco Time, or, well, you get the idea. And it’s not just restaurants; it’s all kinds of stuff. You have to see it to believe it.

Check out their site through the banner below. You can type in your zip code and see exactly what offers are available in your neighborhood. And if there’s nothing, get a new neighborhood! AND if you preorder the 2008 book now, you get the 2007 book completely free! That’s about a year and a half of savings! By all means, get the book.

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Last Updated: April 12, 2008

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  • Dave

    I second the last comment. Its been 17 days and multiple emails trying to get them to activate my account ( meanwhile losing purchase days). I have contacted supervisors, emailed customer service , phoned the customer service with no response other that they are working on it. Nothing special just activate my account!!! Can’t find the email address of any of their executives but you can find their picture.

  • Christine

    Be forewarned if you have never ordered one of these books before that when they say it is for 2012, for example, that it is NOT for the entire year. Everything expires October 31.

    What a surprise it was for me when I ordered a book for an upcoming trip to Hawaii thinking it was for 2012 and I could use it on my vacation, but discovered every one of the lousy coupons expired the day before our trip even started.

    Customer service is unwilling to help. Oh that make like they are. Just email them, but then they make you call and try and explain that you can still get plenty of coupons online – which is a blatant lie. They all expire the same time too. Then they will say that you are outside of the 30-day return policy which apparently starts the minute they receive your order (what a bunch of bull) since you don’t receive the book for at least two weeks later. And if that was not enough, they will say that you got a special sale and that it was not refundable.

    Gone are the days when companies actually cared about their customers. This one does not give a flying fig …

  • Erol K
    Erol K

    I bought the 2011 book in June for $5, not realizing I was signing up for an annual membership. That’s fine. However, there was no email notice I was getting my 2012 book and when I got it, I found out I had 30 days to return it so I wasn’t too concerned. Boy, was I wrong. It takes 10-14 days for the book to come to me and another 10-14 days to get back to Entertainment. However, the 30 days start the day they ship the book. So, at best, you have 10 days to return or, at worst, you have to return it the day you receive it. Also, though you can do just about anything on their web site regarding your account, this annual membership status is not shown and therefore I have no way to verify that they really cancelled it.
    I don’t know why companies think they can get away with such practices. They got my $30 but they will never receive another penny from me. That’s my “annual promise” to them. And, yes, I certainly do feel ripped off.

  • Rick B
    Rick B

    The Entertainment book ran a deal where they were offering the 08 version for free….well they hooked people by billing them for the 09 version even though people checked the online order box saying that they didn’t want the 09 automatically billed. I and numerous others have been scammed by them.

  • Andrew

    I’ve been getting this book for a few years and I can definitely say you wind up saving a ton. We can pretty much find coupons for most of the places we want to go and they’re all offer great deals.

  • TJ

    Yep. Gotta love FF w/ Adblocker!!!

  • Joe

    Are you using Firefox with Adblocker? That might explain not seeing the banner, but it sounds like you’ve already got one. But now you can get a 2008 book and they’ll throw in a 2007 for free.

  • TJ

    I dont see any banners or links, but I can def. agree that the entertainment books are very much worth it. A lot of the stuff is buy 1 get 1 free so if you eat by yourself and dont like left overs, it might not be worth it, but for instance a few years ago they had a buy 1 get 1 free ultimate cheeseburger at jack in the box so i got them and saved one of them for dinner.

    Theres also discounts for movie tickets and sporting events, amusement parks–all sorts of stuff.

    You make your money back in no time, and i dont think they are that expensive to begin with.

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