There comes a time in every online product testers life when he (or she, Joe continues to send me confusing signs) has no products or programs to review. This works out incredibly well for both of our readers as we are now accepting product or program submissions for review.

So, if you’ve been debating on spending $49.95 to try out the new “job” that will pay you $75/hr to take a nap, send us an email first. We’ll do our best to provide a comprehensive and honest review. You can reach myself at or Joe at It doesn’t matter who you email as we collaborate on nearly everything related to the site. [Joe added:] It does matter. I can read; Steve can’t. His Mom types all of his entries for him.

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  • carolyn

    Hi, i wondered if you ever reviewed any of these sites, theyre called The Berrytree, Traverus and YTB Travel Networking. Ive watched the clips on these sites and they make it seem like failsafe methods of making money, help me find out if they are scams please…thank you in advance.

  • Steve

    I’ll look into it for you and have a more in-depth review later, but I’m almost definitely not going to spend any money to do so. It reeks of scam.

  • cori padgett
    cori padgett

    Hey, i was wondering if you could do a review of this site…. i came across it through a link from a site called I pretty sure it’s a scam and they are probably one and the same company, but i’d like your opinion. Thanks!

  • Sabrina

    You know what ya’ll offer is wonderful and a great resource, but in addition to that, I come for the two kamodians that write here…

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