I continued my crusade against “data entry” jobs this week with reviews of Fusion Cash and Dataentrybusiness.com.

We enthusiastically endorsed Entertainment books this week. Read the review, then buy your book.

What’s up with the gas cards? Short answer: I haven’t received the certificates booklet yet, but the seller has been in frequent contact to apologize for the delay. Call me naive, but I’m still hopeful and am still willing to believe they are the real deal. Stay tuned.You’ll want to tune in next week for another in our “How To” series: How To present yourself once you’ve found an online job. We’ll also turn our attention to programs suggested by readers, taking a look at cashcrate.com, honestriches.com, freemoneyformula.com, and the guru enforcer.com, and we’ll debate the merits of movies that feature snappy one liners and grauitous explosions.

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