Where do you go when you want the inside story about offers you see online? Right here, of course. We watch out for you by signing up for money-making and money-saving offers, then deliver a spin-free review.

This week we continued our How To series about telecommuting jobs with How To Contact an Online Employer.

Steve tried VistaPrint’s offer for 250 free business cards and gave you his review.

We launched a contest that will award two talkative peeps with two Entertainment books. Why not you? (Steve said I’m not eligible to win. I’m still unhappy about that.)

Steve ripped The Guru Enforcer.com with a review that pulls no punches.

I tried CashCrate.com and made $3.50 for my hour’s worth of work. No, thanks; but of the get-paid-to-sign-up- for-offers programs we’ve tried, this one is the least bad, in my opinion.

We took a swipe at ebooks such as that sold by honestriches.com. Our conclusion? Nothin’ to see here, folks. Move along.

We didn’t get to all of the things we had planned for this week, so tune in next week for a review of Free Money Formula and other reviews and tips to save you money or keep you from blowing it on programs that don’t deliver on their promises. You’ll also not want to miss the downloadable video of Steve’s interpretive dance. He calls it “I review, therefore I dance.” I’ve seen it, and God help me, I’ll never look at feather boas the same way again.

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  • Sabrina

    Oh, do spare us the dance! I liked the “least bad” comment about cashcrate, I guess when you’re weighing evils, that’s the way to do it..

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