In case you missed anything this week and really don’t feel like scrolling down a few pages to catch up, here is a look at everything we covered this week.

Joe started the new I’ve Tried That Glossary. Refer to this if we lose you within a post.

Joe has also deceived and lied to all of us about his 4th of July post. It was an entry in a contest where the entrants pick the winners. Check out Joe’s picks here.

Believe it or not we did review some new programs this week. I gave a Review and it turns out that if you don’t want to get scammed, then don’t go to this website. Joe looked at the Free Money Formula and was surprised with what he found. You can expect a more in-depth look later.

And finally, we are proud to bring you an overdue update on the free gas cards from It turns out, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks to hear our final verdict. Joe received the certificate and he is now anxiously waiting for the gas cards in the mail. Seriously, he waits out at the mailbox for hours on end. It’s quite sad really. They’re coming Joe. Please stop wasting time looking for the postal worker.

Contest Update

Did everyone forget about the little contest we’re having? It’s still running and you still need to comment in order to secure your entry for the free entertainment book.

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