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We looked into (FMF) and concluded that it doesn’t look like a scam, but that there is reason for caution. Read the review. I was concerned about the FMF toolbar and mentioned that I had posted a comment in the members’ area asking about it, but the comment was deleted. I got an email today from Winston and Thomas at FMF responding to the comment:

Winston & Thomas: <>
Subj: freemoney toolbar is spyware free

Hi Joe,
It is spyware and adware free as it is developed using which belongs to google.

So there you have it; mystery solved! You still need to build a large network of users, drive lots of traffic to your site, and hope they buy stuff.

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  1. Any money oppty that does not have a full owners or mgmts name, does not list a live phone, live fax, working email, street address, third party billing and also charges a fee in advance is almost 100% a scam. I have never found 1 business that makes me money, most make money charging you for an advance fee and also for phony shipping and other fees.


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