There has been a lot of interest generated in Agloco since it’s inception almost a year ago. In just a few short months, they have managed to establish a strong user base consisting of millions of members. Their premise is straightforward: install a viewbar for advertisements, surf the web, get paid. But just how simple is it?

The Viewbar

You must install a desktop viewbar that allows Agloco to track how many hours you surf each month. The viewbar is ugly, but manageable. It takes up a small portion of your desktop and does include some useful features. At this time, Agloco will only credit five hours of surfing to your account each month. Those five hours will eventually be converted into dollars. Once those five hours are up, you can close the viewbar until next month. This is one of the best features of the viewbar.

Delays and Your Time as an Investment

If you are already a member, it is more than likely that you have experienced the long anticipated wait for the release of the viewbar. The staff behind Agloco promised for months that the viewbar was just ‘weeks away from being released.’ Every update contained the same message concerning ‘technical difficulties’ and the viewbar was continually delayed. It was finally released just last month.

Why am I telling you this if it’s already released? I feel that Agloco will repeat past mistakes and we will see a very long delay before receiving our first payment. However, I fully believe that we will receive full payments on time after everything is sorted out. My biggest concern is that initial payment.

Build a Strong Referral Network

If you’re serious about making money with Agloco, you will need to build a large referral network. This sounds like a lot of work and let me assure you that it can be stressful. You will need to spend a lot of time convincing people you know that this will work. However, once your network starts growing, it’s almost impossible to stop it. The snowball effect will take over and your initial referrals will do a lot of the work for you. Your network will grow a lot quicker with every person you refer to Agloco.

I’ve Tried That and I Have High Hopes

Agloco will start paying out their members; it is just a matter of time before they do. You really have nothing to lose by joining this program and referring your friends considering that your only investment in Agloco is an inch of your desktop for five hours each month. I highly recommend you sign up today and get credit for surfing five hours for July. After that, you have another month to decide whether this program is for you.

Click here to sign up for Agloco.

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  • Raman

    I read about this review and comments about Agloco today only. Agloco, though slow seem to be steady now and have sent October updates two weeks ago. Regaridng the doubt about advertisers- (TIB)was also like this. But they are getting a steady flow of ads now. They have also partnered with Worldadgroup recently. So I think Agloco will prove great within one year.

  • Cynthia Berg
    Cynthia Berg

    Thanks! You just saved me money and trouble!

  • JC

    what advertiser would want to spend money to reach people that are only interested in making money off their ad?

    advertisers want to reach receptive people who will be interested in their service or product, not those who only see the ad as a way to make money.

    agloco won’t work because Agloco won’t pay, they’ve said so themselves!!

    searched google and found this agloo article from digg

  • Linda

    It won’t work. This had been tried since the beginning of internet. Agloco is nothing more than a spyware bar.

    And won’t work because it turn your PC into a zombie. Nor Google, nor advertisers will be happy to know that people get paid for surfing websites.

    That’s why Agloco will fail as others, because it will always remain in darkness. As for SEO yes… but again, google won’t be happy to know that Zombies are making SEO’s.

    Please, review mine.

  • Sabrina's Money Matters
    Sabrina's Money Matters

    I agree, I think it’s great. I’m working on the weekends and reading other blogs so I get my five hours in just in one day, quick and easy for me.


  • danny

    i have signed up ever since it came out.
    if this turns out how i think it would it will b a awesome site.

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