I Was Scammed by workathometop10.com


A Pox on both your servers!
Yesterday I wrote about work-at-home web sites to avoid because they explicitly tell you they’ve weeded out all the scams to bring you legitimate jobs and “work from home businesses.” They then try to sell you an ebook or paid memberships to things like data entry scams we’ve been dissecting here at I’ve Tried That. Today we’re featuring the story of a reader to illustrate why we care. Carl wrote:

Yup you’ve got it right from the guy (me) who thought it was a great idea to work at home so I could spend time with the wife on her days off. good ‘ol “Jessica Miller” [of workathometop10.com] (after getting my $69.95) sent me on this money back 100% guarantee work at home Data Entry bee-line to wealth program that took me to Data Entry Inc. and another $19.95 on my Wal-mart cash credit card I purchased just for my web purchases (thats another story later). and some time later I’ve yet to get the information or the yahoo web site ready and waiting for me with in the 24 hour promised by her web site. I then went to the BBB and tried to look up her and her company (web site) and you know she don’t exist and then I went to file a complaint with the NBA (National Business Association) that in itself is a scam because there is no way for anyone to file a complaint with them. This was my response from them,

“Since our members are “in good standing” simply by paying their dues, and we do not endorse any products or services they offer, I would recommend you visit the Better Business Bureau at www.bbb.org to find these kinds of answers about a business.” Thanks,
Connie French
Member Services
National Business Association

I have filed a complaint with the BBB But have got no where. Wish I came here first!! I found this site just surfin’ around

Thanks for sharing, Carl. You’ve shown why scam pre-sell pages are so effective. They contain all the trappings of legitimacy, like official-looking memberships in business organizations. They show good-looking people (probably paid actors). They KNOW that you just want to spend time with your wife on her day off and they play to that wish. For others, it’s the fear of unpaid bills, for others, it’s the desire to stay home with a new baby that sends them searching for online work. Whatever the emotion that drives you (and it is emotion. Always.), take extra care so that it doesn’t get in the way of your critical thinking when it comes to online work.

What YOU can do
Scams like this one thrive on ignorance and emotional appeal. You can help put these guys out of business by spreading the word about this post and the dirty tricks of scammers that want to kick you when you’re down. Help us get the word out:

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  1. tony of Manila, Philippines says:

    It’s really sad to know that there are multitudes of scammers who are absolute evils. I consider them as sons of satan the devil. They prey on innocent people who are looking for legitimate on-line jobs in the internet to support their families. Why do they use the good motives of innocent people to earn a living? I hope they will be subjected to severe punishments if not here in these world maybe in the next (HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY).

  2. tony of Manila, Philippines says:

    It’s really sad to know that there are crocodiles (scammers) who prey on innocent people looking for a decent online job to support their families. I hope something has to be done. I hope they (scammers) have a heart and realize that what they’re doing (scamming people in the internet) are really insane and absolute evil.

  3. Having read the above scam reports, I’d like to know further how Jessica Miller scam the writers of these reports. Since she’s scamming, I think what she’s been promoting must be a fake business opportunity and is not working at all, right? Or does it still work a little bit, but not up to your expectation? The most important at all, did she refund the fee when you requested for it?

    As I understand, asking for a $49.95 fee, she also offers to help people to find some online jobs (not businesses), like administrative/clerical work, proof reading, article writing, typing, transcription, secretary, etc. Has anyone tried to join her program of this and got scammed,too? Did she refund the fee when you requested for it?

    I’ll appreciate related reports about the above.

    Larry of L. A., CA

    P. S. Excuse my sending this message again because I forgot to put a check mark for “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”.

  4. If everyone knows workathometop10.com is a scam & a ripoff why has the site not been closed down and/or the owner/advertiser prosecuted?
    Can anyone contact them and get their side of the story?
    Am I to believe that every one just does what they like on the internet with no consequences and that us poor plebs just continue to be ripped off?

  5. I replied on June 20th, 2008 that I had not found any legit work at home programs for the last 3 years and as of today I still have not, but I am getting smarter at looking and saving alot of wasted time. If you have an interest in a business, “GOOGLE” the company name and most likely you will find it to be useless. Also take the name of the person who is pushing the business and “GOOGLE” their name and you will most likely will find the same thing out about them. Rember, “If it sounds to good to be true” etc, you have heard it before and it is still good advice.

  6. I saw the workathometop10.com website on 7 August 08 and was very interested in joining the scam busting team (using Jessica’s website) It showed on 2 spots left – but would not allow anny more subscriptions (Thank goodness for that!!) I tried to get an e-mail address for Jessica of workathometop10 to ask some questions. What a waste of time – no email addresses and responsing to autoresponders gets no response – ha ha. I am now totally despondend – how does one ever get a genuine online business opportunity?

  7. I enjoyed this information. Jessica puts out a very convincing web site. Thanks for saving me from a scam. I have literally been looking for a good legitimate “work from home business” for about 3 years now and have not found anything. Is there not an honest opportunity out there? Please reply.

  8. Jessica is at it again. I was surfing the web looking to make some extra money to supplement our small business, and found the original webpage of work at home; blah, blah blah. The one I refer to above is dated May 16, 2008. It is exactly the same as the one from last year, but a new name. I took some good advice and always research my finds by putting the name of the person, website, company or all in google with scam or scams at the end. I found out about Jessica or whoever she is through your website doing this search. Thanks for making the net a more reliable source through your vigilance!


  9. I think you’re right.

  10. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received hits on my site with whatever searchterm and “scam” behind it, fortunately some people are being proactive…someday everyone will have scamdar.


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