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I have written comments section of one of those posts, the owner of responded. Winston wrote (edited here for brevity, and the liberal use of ellipsis is in the original. Follow the link to read the whole comment):

I am not sure if you guys got the real idea behind this project….

A few things to clarify
1.) It is not MLM
2.) Hell, it’s not Amway..and I have my thoughts about Amway too…
3.) The toolbar helps internet entrepreneurs like me to be efficient…in which case..does not apply to everyone else…
4.) And yes, the toolbar is spyware, adware..malware free…

Perhaps i should tell u what we’re trying to accomplish at our website..which is now migrated to

The Vision is to be able to level the playing ground to help people who are new or have no money to get started with their online ventures…

That’s why we start with using free resources…It may not be the best(because it’s using free resources)…but it’s the best we know how..and we do our best and give out best….U should check out the membership thoroughly before u make any judgements …afterall you’re the one who is losing out…

2ndly, since this website is about teaching people how to make a living online and unless there is any monetary transaction, how are you going to make a living…When they refer their friends to learn from us…And if their friends get value…why not get paid for it?…afterall, it’s a valuable service we are providing..

Plus, since the membership is for anyone…not everyone has money…but some do….and in the membership we recommend other tools that can help with their business(tools we use our selves)…and those who can afford to invest..will invest…and the ones that referred them will get paid….isn’t this helping everyone?

A WIN WIN WIN situation…your friends WIN cos they get valuable coaching and lesson (not to mention VIDEO lessons we have to spend our time doing it..for free (and we make more money with out time doing our own business)..ALL THESE FOR FREE….

I’m all for leveling the playing field for those how have no money or who are just starting out in online money-making ventures. It’s an admirable vision, to be sure, and I like that the site uses and advertises only free resources. So far, Winston and I are in agreement, I think, unless I lost something in his somewhat muddled comment. He continues:

And when they purchase additional stuffs from the get paid too…(again i must mention, that your friend got value upfront with all the toils of hard work videos i did for free…) I really maddens to me see unappreciative ppl around….I’d like to kick these ppl out of our membership….

We WIN because we have given up front first…and because of that…we get not only satisfaction from the feedbank and testimonials from our members..(Check in the members area..) but when we recommend tools that can help speed up their progress..they will buy and we split the investment with our members who referred them…(However, we have not promoted stuffs yet as we are very selective and protective over our members)

He and I even agree about Win-Win transactions and the fairness of getting paid for providing value. But Winston, are you calling me ungrateful? That’s as random as an armadillo waddling across stage at the Sydney Opera House. (It’s bunny socks, you might say.) And I don’t see anything in his comment that tells me I have fundamentally misunderstood what Smartbusinessformula is about. It’s still true that you have to bring people to your site, and they have to click on links and then buy things at those links before you (as the member) make any money. The site promises to teach members how to do that, for free, and from what I’ve seen, Winston and Thomas are well on their way to doing just that. As I said, the information is good.

I also learned form Winston’s comment that intends to eventually recommend other (non-free) tools to members to help them with their businesses. When members invest, the site owners take a cut and the person who referred the purchaser takes a cut. Again, nothing wrong with that—it’s referral-based affiliate marketing. But what I do not understand is this: what products or services are being sold through affiliate marketing? Is it only tools to help members improve their affiliate marketing? Andrew at Life Investigator is a member; any insight, Andrew? Winston, can you tell us what other products or services are available for marketing or purchase? I don’t know because I have not signed up again after Freemoneyformula migrated to smartbusinessformula. Prove to me that I should, and I’ll happily do so.

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  • Winston

    Hey Joe,

    Sorry if I sounded a little harsh (just had a long day that day ;). Yes, I do agree that you gave an objective and balanced review and there is no resentment on my part for your views. After all, everyone is entitled to their own views.

    Currently, we aren’t really promoting much of other products until we have tested it ourselves, and it does take time to test instead of promoting just because every other marketer is promoting them.

    Having said that, the tools that we will recommend are meant to speed up progress and productivity.

    We’re also in the process of adding new profitable and exciting products/tools in the members area and members will be kept informed

    Not that this will put everything into its perspective, but I hope this clears things up a little.


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