Week in Review
It was a watershed week at I’ve Tried That. We launched the site a couple of months ago after wishing that such a site existed where we could learn the truth about programs like free gas cards from saveongascards.com. We learned the truth about gas cards this week and the truth ain’t pretty.

We kicked off this week with a response from the owner of smartbusinessformula.com to our review of his program.

Steve updated his review of Project Payday, and Franklin McNugget, Esquire, had some questions for the Project Payday scammers.

Inspired by Franklin, Richard Williams, the big rW, loved on “CP Deals,” the gas cards scammer. Neither Franklin nor Richard have received replies. Go figure.

We heard a disturbing story about Surveylot.com from I’ve Tried That reader Joanna, who was scammed by a fake check purported to be from Surveylot.com to the tune of $2900.00! Yowwch!

It’s a jungle out there, folks!

Around the Web
What are we reading this week? Wendy Piersall of emomsathome.com shared some interesting secrets to her blogging success in a must-read (for bloggers) article.

It’s worth linking to again: Snoskred has collected $5M in fake checks (and growing). Did you know banks can (and do) say that cashier’s checks are legit, only to reverse themselves later and charge you the face value of the check? You’ve got to protect yourself because you can’t count on the banks to do it for you.

Sabrina’s Money Matters is starting its second week of Career Week. Check out the good wardrobe advice, interview suggestions, and more.

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    Debo Hobo

    I saw you got mention on John Chow dot Com and I came over to see what you were talking about. I like the idea of the week in review and highlighting what is going on around web. great info.

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