Just delivered to my inbox. It’s true what they say: Good things come to those who wait.

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We are looking for the honest, responsible, hard-working persons to cooperate with our company in your particular region.
If you are interested in this opportunity, looking forward to getting a well-paid job, striving for autonomy and independence, would like to collaborate with key professionals, as well as to get more details, email us at: wglobal1999@aol.com
age not less than 22 years
home computer with e-mail
responsibility, diligence

Global Trade.

Richard Williams just knew someone would recognize his talents and drop a career in his lap. Sounds like a great opportunity for him.

Dear Global Trade,
This is, like, spooky because your timing is so good! I just lost my job at QuickieMart and am looking for another one, preferably one where I can work with my computer at home. I am honest and hardworking and all those things you said. I am just amazed that you knew I was ready!

Hit me with the details, Sir! I am ready for life to take me by the horns!

Richard Williams

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