The Greatest Hits at I’ve Tried That


If you’re coming from my guest post at E Moms at Home, welcome. Here’s what we’re all about at I’ve Tried That. We sign up and try out online programs and products targeted to at-home workers, then post our results. We’re pretty proud of what we do! See the bragging block on the right, “I Was Saved?” That’s how how proud we are.

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  1. I don’t know how do you set one Joe, I am not blogger.

    I just see tip jar in blogs. “buy me a coffee” and “Buy me a Beer”, it’s a plug in for donations.

    Just don’t be too harsh, ok?

    hehe :)

  2. What’s a tip jar and how do I set one? Can I make it a tips suitcase?

  3. Joe, why don’t you set a Tip Jar? I think your site is costing you something.

    You help people, some people may want to return your favor.


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