They say long-distance relationships are tough. And they are: I’ve never met Steve in real life. Don’t know what he looks like because he won’t cough up a real photo of himself. Never talked to him on the phone. He could be a Borg, for all I know. Can such a relationship last? Only time will tell.

You know, it’s hard work busting scams and telling you all about it. No, that’s not true. It’s exhausting tiring intense tough time-consuming doing what we do at I’ve Tried That. If it weren’t for our awesome readers, who drop everything now and then to say, “Thanks!” this job would definitely not be worth it. But at least we’re having fun in the process. Consider this a behind-the-scenes look at I’ve Tried That.

Here’s the list. Drumroll, please:

  • I swear to God Joe, you send me one more MPM spam email bullshit and I’ll rip out your heart.
  • I feel like I know a lot more about you than you know about me. So, think of this as a second date.
  • [On why he can’t take a recent picture of himself]: I just got a haircut a week ago so it’s not accurately me.
  • me: I deleted something in the footer file. Is that bad?
    Steve: Probably. Why’d you delete it? Why are you editing the footer anyway?
    me: …….
    I’m messin’ with you, fool.
    Steve: You bastard.

  • Yea, I’m awesome.
  • I would smack you had you been in my presence.

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  • Steel Froggy
    Steel Froggy

    I would smack you had you been in my presence.

    I’m so using that. =D

  • Joe

    Well, give up the photo, man! I’m a writer, remember? I have posts about you that would turn your mother against you!

  • Steve

    This post almost definitely should never have happened.

  • Linda

    I will say thanks to you Joe, no matter what you do tomorrow. I promise.

    what do you mean… This knife? no I’m just cutting potatoes.

    PS: this comment will prehaps be understood tomorrow.

  • Joe

    Oh, no, Sabrina. You don’t want to know the context of this:

    “I would webcast it, but seeing as my webcam is hooked up to my desktop in my bedroom, that’s definitely not going to happen.”

  • Sabrina's Money Matters
    Sabrina's Money Matters

    I don’t even want to imagine the context surrounding those statements! LMAO

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