Where’s the beef?


They say that controversy is good for traffic. People come from miles around to either throw stuff or watch other people throw stuff. That’s why I was hoping that a hard-hitting review of My Power Mall would stir up a good old-fashioned brawl here at I’ve Tried That. It was one of our highest traffic days ever, but the silence is spooky. And I was fixin’ for a fight, too, given the passion of My Power Mall advocates. I saved my best arguments for the comments section and then never got to use ’em! You stood me up, Ginny Dye!

What does it take to get you folks riled up? There’s only one way to find out: trial and error. Here are some things we’re fixing to review in the coming weeks to see if we can motivate the lurkers to speak up and speak out:

  • Does Jesus really love you?
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome: I’ve Tried It, and the kid is practically normal
  • I’ve Tried Your Wife and She Prefers Me
  • John Chow Drives a 1978 Ford Pinto
  • Cheerios Are a Scam
  • I tried Proper capitalization and Failed!

If those don’t bring you out of your torpor, nothing will.

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  1. Yeah, but she’s so nice it’s no fun to argue with her. Thanks for the MLM jokes. Cal Grondahl is from my neck of the woods and his cartoons are popular because there are so many MLMs recruiting here. I don’t know what we did to deserve them, but they all come here. Hell, they probably start here!

  2. That was funny, you got your beef at last. You woke up a CEO here Joe, you are a bad boy.

    Could you just edit your post and be a little nicer?

    I am recommending MLM jokes now if you don’t mind my spam. http://www.mlm-thetruth.com/cartoons.htm

    These can be very funny for your website and tricky reviews.


  3. I think Cheerios are a scam, unless they’re the Honey Nut kind…

  4. LMAO – My new job is working with Private Investigators and one of them, during the course of surveillance, found several items of XXX status for our client to use in her divorce, but wow did I just have a bad flashback on THAT report!

  5. Have you tried that? hehe

  6. Ha! Keywords there are “I” and “my email.” Tell you what, YOU try it and then we’ll have you do a guest post. A word of advice, though: stay away from the Monstrify Me 3000. Nothing with that much voltage should come close to any appendage you want to keep.

  7. When are you going to do the article on the penis enlargement offers I keep getting in my email?


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