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Helium.com Review: Writers, start your keyboards!

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I have not been as excited about a review since Entertainment books. I see so much online crap—so many programs and sites that will change your life! If you will only give me $50 and follow my program! It’s tiring, to tell you the truth. Steve has bags under his eyes that he sometimes trips […]

So You Want to Start a Blog?

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Why on Earth Would I Start a Blog? There are a number of reasons really. Your new blog can become your new hobby. It can allow you to connect with like minded individuals. It can easily become another source of income, and who knows what else. You could even change the world with just a […]

Mystery Shopping and Secretconsumer.com

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I was bestowed with the privilege of writing about Mystery Shopping in response to a comment from Theresa Knoll asking about mystery shopping in general and specifically, SecretConsumer.com. A Google search brings the SecretConsumer.com home page as the first result with the majority of the remaining listings linking back to ads. Now I’m curious what’s […]

Week in Review and Around the Web

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Week in Review It was a watershed week at I’ve Tried That. We launched the site a couple of months ago after wishing that such a site existed where we could learn the truth about programs like free gas cards from saveongascards.com. We learned the truth about gas cards this week and the truth ain’t […]

I was scammed by someone posing as SurveyLot.com

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[Note: Surveylot.com is not the scammer here. Someone has simply made fake checks with the Surveylot.com information on them, so Surveylot.com is a victim, too.] I’ve Tried That reader Joanna shared her story in the comments section of a Surveylot.com post. SurveyLot.com is a complete scam. 2 weeks ago after my husband lost his job, […]

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