I love the smell of scam emails in the morning! Especially when those emails are original contributions to our contest and not the usual my-daddy-left-me-a-gazillion-dollars-in-a-vault-and-then-was-killed-by-evildoers- so-I-need-$1000-from-you-to-buy-the-key variety of scam email. The competition was stiff among talented writers. Alas! We only have two prizes to give away because Steve withdrew his offer to kiss the third […]

www.Scam.com is a forum dedicated to discussion of all things scam, from Internet pirates to religious scammers. (Oh yeah, you KNOW that’s a polite forum!) I recently ran across a thread at Scam.com that speaks to the heart of what many people have been asking us. Can I make money online, or are they all […]

A true hall of shame honoree, dataentrybusiness.com continues to rack up the victims. In the comments section of that post, Claudette writes: i tried dataentry business for my son who wanted to make some money while he was studying in London. the thing is a scam and we found this ou the hard way when […]

I’m a simple guy. I don’t ask for much from life—just some occasional downtime, really, is all I feel the Universe owes me. I’m pretty easy to please. A simple, “Thanks for the heads up,” or, “You saved me $50” can fuel me for days. So I don’t think I’m being unreasonable with this request: […]

I reviewed BlogRush earlier this week and had high expectations for the program. Essentially, headlines will be shared across any blogs that have the box displayed on their site. This roughly translates to free traffic for any blog that decides to display the BlogRush widget. Updates The dashboard is now fully functional and is tracking […]

BlogRush (for lack of a better cliché) has taken the blogging world by storm. Nearly everyone is reporting about their new services and just how wonderful BlogRush is. So, naturally, we’re trying it and reporting the results. What is a BlogRush? If you look over the left sidebar you’ll see a new ‘widget’ (fancy word […]

Earlier this week, we gave an ultimatum on redundant scam reviews. Now, instead of giving complete reviews on survey companies, we’ll list the ones we like the most and give quick little blurbs about the company. If it’s on the list, we approve of it. 1. Survey Savvy SurveySavvy has been my personal favorite survey […]

It’s through blogging. The trick is that you have to learn how to do it well. We’ve found the program that will teach you just that. Since July, I have been enrolled in Yaro Starak’s school for bloggers, Blog Mastermind. It is a course designed to teach students how to build a high-quality blog and […]