I love the smell of scam emails in the morning! Especially when those emails are original contributions to our contest and not the usual my-daddy-left-me-a-gazillion-dollars-in-a-vault-and-then-was-killed-by-evildoers- so-I-need-$1000-from-you-to-buy-the-key variety of scam email. The competition was stiff among talented writers. Alas! We only have two prizes to give away because Steve withdrew his offer to kiss the third […]

www.Scam.com is a forum dedicated to discussion of all things scam, from Internet pirates to religious scammers. (Oh yeah, you KNOW that’s a polite forum!) I recently ran across a thread at Scam.com that speaks to the heart of what many people have been asking us. Can I make money online, or are they all […]

Earlier this week, we gave an ultimatum on redundant scam reviews. Now, instead of giving complete reviews on survey companies, we’ll list the ones we like the most and give quick little blurbs about the company. If it’s on the list, we approve of it. 1. Survey Savvy SurveySavvy has been my personal favorite survey […]

It’s through blogging. The trick is that you have to learn how to do it well. We’ve found the program that will teach you just that. Since July, I have been enrolled in Yaro Starak’s school for bloggers, Blog Mastermind. It is a course designed to teach students how to build a high-quality blog and […]

It’s good to give a positive review every now and then and I would like to thank the LightSpeed Panel for giving me this opportunity to say something nice about a survey program. You will actually fill out a survey. Much like SurveySavvy, the LightSpeed Panel actually pays it’s members for filling out surveys and […]

In the comments on Steve’s post about programs he makes money with online, John said, I would like your advice on this web site. It was on the top 10 list for making money online opportunities. I just reviewed it and need some direction. http://www.forexenterprise.com Thanks. So I took a look. I won’t be signing […]

Today we continue our insider look at Helium.com with a guest post by Marisa Wright, another long-time Helium member. Responding to yesterday’s guest post, she warns that whether you like writing—and whether you count your writing time as work hours— makes all the difference in the world in your Helium.com results. Marisa blogs at Get […]