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If you’ve ever wondered what Steve does for a living, wonder no more. He tipped you off this week with his post about how he makes money online. It’s becoming pretty clear to me that you’re not going to make money online by finding a “job.” You can do it by owning your own blog or website and repeating the tactics of successful Internet entrepreneurs like Steve.

We published our Greatest Hits this week—the most popular content at I’ve Tried That based on search engine results and pageviews.

And you learned more about me and Steve this week than you ever wanted to know with the top 5 strangest things Steve has ever said and our About Us post, now a permanent page at I’ve Tried That.

We finally published a review of My Power Mall. Our conclusion? It’s not a scam, but don’t waste your time.

Finally, you saw an updated post in our ongoing review of Helium.com in which I describe my impressive earnings. Look for more detail about Helium in the coming week.

Around the Web
Speaking of making money with your website or blog, check out Bryan Clark’s attempt to do just that. One Man’s Goal follows his journey as he creates a blog, builds traffic to it, and earns an income. He tells you how he did it and publishes his traffic and earnings in regular updates. With a two-month old blog, he already makes about $500 a month and has thousands of visitors. We’ll be posting some terrific resources soon for people who want to start a blog and profit from it.

You ain’t never seen link love like this before.

I published a guest post at Wendy Piersall’s excellent blog. It seems we’re always pointing to here for great tips for moms and online business owners.

There's only ONE program I really recommend. It helped me turn my 'hobby' into a $10,000+ per month money making machine. Click here for the exact formula I followed.

Last Updated: September 2, 2007

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  • Joe

    Thanks, Suzanne. You made my day!

  • Suzanne

    Hey guys! I really enjoy this blog and just want to let you know that you saved me from seriously investigating dataentrybusiness.com! This is a great and honest blog and I very much appreciate the work you do! I’ve been looking for a site like yours!

  • Joanne

    Your site has a great title, and an even better tagline.

  • Bryan@OneMansGoal.Com

    Thanks for the mention!

  • dcr

    Thanks for the link back! Glad you found my post link-worthy!

  • Sabrina's Money Matters
    Sabrina's Money Matters

    What I find intruiging is that I read somewhere when I started my site that an About Me page is almost a must, so I did one shortly thereafter and aside from my home page the only other page on my site that has a Google Page Rank is my About Me page. LOL.

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