We currently have Agloco listed under the completed reviews, but we still have yet to see anything positive from the company itself. Their premise is simple: browse the web with an ad filled toolbar and get paid. Sure it may sound like a scam, but there is no investment other than time. Be sure to read our full Agloco review if you are unfamiliar with the company.


“When will I get my money?”

This is the biggest question plaguing every user. The Viewbar has been released for a few months now and we still haven’t seen any signs of earnings. The only thing that remotely resembles any sort of monetary gain are those hours Agloco is logging.

We are excited that we have signed one of our major revenue partnerships earlier this week. We will be making the formal announcement later.

They have been very secretive about any details regarding member payouts and partnership deals with ad networks. As far as I know, we will all get a cut once the Agloco business model starts paying it’s employees.

Should you become a member?

Given the fact that all you have to do is browse the web for 5 hours a month with an extra toolbar, I would still suggest joining. The work is very minimal and there is still the possibility of making money for doing what you would normally do anyway. Frankly, I don’t know how much longer I’m willing to wait for a payout, but since I’m not actually doing any work, I’ll give Agloco a chance to rectify their current situation.

Click here to sign up with Agloco.

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Last Updated: January 11, 2008

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