Along with BlogRush, has been generating a lot of buzz lately. It’s another bargain website where one great deal will be advertised for an entire day. I know what you’re thinking: they stole’s business model and applied it to software based products and you’re absolutely correct. I’m pretty sure they stole the design and functionality of their website as well. But never mind that, do they really have good deals?

Three Days. Three Deals.

The site launched with EasyMemberPro. This nifty piece of software allows you to create a website that will allow paid memberships. It extends outside of just that, but I’m not writing a sales letter here. The ‘retail’ price of the software is $297 for unlimited licensing; however, DealDotCom had priced the software at 50% off which comes to almost $150 in savings. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me even though I have no use for the software.

From what I’ve seen so far, you can expect to find internet based software and memberships to various sites at very cheap prices. The only problem is that DealDotCom sells only one product per day. If they are selling something you don’t want, you will lose interest in the site fast.

Sell Out?

So far, both products have managed to sell out. How this works is beyond me seeing as these are intangible products. It literally is as simple as sending a file or burning a disk to reproduce a piece of software. I know that they are setting limits as to how many can be sold, but I just don’t understand why. Limiting sales is just limiting profits.

Yea, I hate the name, but that doesn’t mean the site isn’t useful. If you are in the market to spice up your website with a new product, be sure to check every day. Who knows what they will have next and the resulting offer could just save you a couple hundred dollars.

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Last Updated: September 20, 2007

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  • HMTKSteve

    After reading John Chow’s results with this I will have to classify it as on a site based on woot with the added bonus that early pushers make money. not even that much money either!

    If you see a good deal, buy it. Just don’t expect to make a fortune from the aff side of it.

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