BlogRush sent out a massive email last night to all of it’s members outlining some of the newer changes. It’s seriously massive. The email is just short of qualifying for a novel. So for both of our referrals (Seriously, we only have two. Maybe you should sign up?) or for anyone else interested in the progress of the company, here is a general outline of the projected changes.

  • They will have the widget and dashboard back online soon. They are working around the clock to make all of the approved changes.
  • Anyone who has cheated or attempts to cheat the system will be permanently banned, sued, and finally drawn and quartered. They do have ways of tracking cheating and they are ready to attack those who abuse their system.
  • Every blog will be placed under manual review. This will help filter out the spam filled sites and will increase click through rates for everyone overall.
  • You will soon be able to select different categories to place your blog in.
  • If your blog doesn’t receive that much traffic, you will be given the bulk of the bonus credits.
  • BlogRush Flavors are now live. You can customize the look of your BlogRush widget by selecting a pretty new border.
  • Finally, you can manually approve which headlines and posts will appear in the widget on other’s sites.

Now, we have used BlogRush for a little over a week. Have we seen positive results? Hardly. Four clicks in over 7500 impressions. That’s not good at all. These projected new changes look promising, but if they don’t deliver, we will say goodbye to BlogRush and part ways.

Of course, you can click here and try BlogRush out for yourself. Be sure to report back any progress you may have with the program.

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Last Updated: September 26, 2007

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