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  • Julia

    Without Joe’s and Steve’s reviews, we would not have found out the truth behind MDT… scam or not? I really like this website. It gives proactive readers opportunity to speak out. It gives passive readers more information so that they can make a more informative decision.
    The blueprint is free. I got 10 e-mails from Yaro. And that’s it! You have a choice to pay more and join or not. And yes, I think Joe and Steve do make a commission from the monthly payment you make to Yaro if you choose to join. However, I would not have known about the blueprint unless Joe and Steve “advertise” it. I didn’t join because I’m not ready yet. I didn’t pay anything. I feel that it’s a free resource.

  • Steve

    Uhh, we can’t be a scam if we aren’t ripping people off. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is a free resource me and Joe offer, right?

    I don’t know if you paid for any of this information, but I sure would like some money if you did. Email me and we’ll talk business.

  • ben campbell
    ben campbell

    one thing for shure mitjobs is a scam you have to pay 100.00 for a free website and pay people to look a other peoples ads and the dont give refunds

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