I’ve Tried That is coming up on its sixth anniversary. And who gets the present? You do!

Let me explain. Steve and I now regularly get emails and comments that sound something like this:

I was just about to sign up for [fill in e-book or program here] when I decided to check it out. I’m a stay-at-home mom and I just want to add a couple hundred bucks to my family’s monthly budget. Isn’t there any legitimate program out there? Are they all scams?

WE got an email like this just today from a pastor looking out for one of his flock who wants to sign up for an online “business.” Until we’ve reviewed every single one, we can’t say they’re all scams, but we can say with confidence: you won’t make a couple hundred bucks per month online without a website that draws significant traffic. And that takes time and work to build, not a guru’s e-book or a data entry “job.” (Yes, a certain percentage of people will join an online program and be successful. But some people win the lottery, too, and some women get to make out with George Clooney. The odds against you are similar.)

Our anniversary gift to you
To commemorate our 6-month anniversary and to help you bring in a couple hundred per month, we’re creating an e-book of our own. It will be a compilation of articles about how to find, apply for, and profit from jobs in online directories (mostly Craigslist). If you follow the steps in our guide and have some marketable job skills, we’re confident you can easily make $200/month and more working from home. Both Steve and I have done it, and we’ll walk you through the process, giving you some valuable stay-at-home work tips in the process.

We’re putting it together now and will have it up soon. Meanwhile, we want your input. Have you run into obstacles in working at home (other than weeding out all the scams)? Do you have questions about where to find work, how to get paid, and whether to post nude photos of yourself? Speak up in the comments. You’ll help us create the best possible content for you.

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  • Al

    HAPPY 6TH !!! Looking forward to the E-book. AK

  • Joe

    Hmmm….now that you say it, I’m starting to regret my word choice.

  • Mitch

    Well I guess I’ll be the first to say Happy Anniversary guys. =)

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