Joseph and I recently engaged in a debate regarding the implementation of a means of communication amongst our readers. I proposed that we should install a forum that will allow our readers to actively engage in conversation regarding known scams. However, Joseph’s retort was that there won’t be enough discussion considering that most of our readers come for one article and then leave. I said that with a forum they would be more encouraged to stay and become members and thus commit themselves to the I’ve Tried That community.

Okay, enough with that. Do you guys want a forum, yes or no.
Vote and comment or die.


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Last Updated: October 23, 2007

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  • Joe

    Craig, I didn’t see a reply. Try these:
    or steve[at]ivetriedthat[dot]com

  • craig

    I emailed a reply to your original e mail – did u get it?
    Craig (UK)

  • Paul

    I think it would be a great way to share comments about scams or if somebody found a good, safe, and secure way to make some money or a part time job that would be good. We could also discus topics that all affect our lives and communities around us. Hope it works, and Steve and Joe you guys rock. Keep up the excellent work.


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