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What’s Up With My Power Mall?
I don’t know if you’re following, but it’s one of the most active old threads in all of I’ve Tried That. It started with my review of My Power Mall, then the founder herself, Ginny Dye, responded to my review and stuck around to answer some questions from readers. Since that initial exchange, lots of people on both sides of the aisle have spoken up with some great information and comments. Head on over and take a look; you’ll be able to make a decision on whether My Power Mall is for you.

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Last Updated: October 24, 2007

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  • Angelisa Weaver
    Angelisa Weaver

    If you would like to check out My Power Mall as a way to earn rebates on ALL of your purchases, whether shopping online or in your local community, go to

    If you are interested in looking at MPM as a business opportunity watch the presentation on the free business starter mall OR The World Changer Mall. Go To:

  • Angelisa Weaver
    Angelisa Weaver

    WOW! I do not see My Power Mall as a scheme, scam or anything even close! Where else can you earn money back on EVERY SINGLE PENNY YOU SPEND? My Power Mall, like anything else that is new, will go through many growing pains; however, the mission of the whole company is to harness the power of EVERYDAY spending to change lives! EVERYBODY SHOPS! EVERYBODY! Whether it is your monthly, weekly, or daily needs, you will shop! You will buy groceries, gasoline, toilet paper, trash bags, cleaning supplies, personal care products, etc… You will also pay bills every month! This is a unique and innovative shopping rebate system that simply pays you to do the things you are doing anyway! Quite frankly, I think MPM is a social entrepreneurs’ dream and I am very proud to be a part of a company that truly believes in “giving back” AND that Together We Can Change The World! I would like to suggest that you take a good look at My Power Mall. Go ahead and sign up for a free Personal Savings Mall. It costs you NOTHING! I am presently working on some material and I intend to start some kind of shoppers club where all members will actually spend some time analyzing their shopping habits. I was amazed at the money I could save by simply systematizing my shopping routine! I guess shopping is like alot of other things, there is a strategy and when you really give it the attention it deserves, it becomes a job in itself! All it takes is a little time, dedication, understanding, commitment, and knowledge to plan ahead then take action to implement your “plan”. You will save money, make money, AND Make A Difference!

  • Frank Ford
    Frank Ford

    Currently there are a little over 113,000 members. That means that only 1 person has 100,000 people, and that person is Ginny Dye.
    So….save your reputation and don’t try and push power mall on your friends…you’ll lose respect.

  • Allen

    Amen brother!!!!

  • Chris

    It’s a scam big time. They have 94000 members, only 4100 people are shopping, there are only 2200 in their forum, less then 100 new members join a day. No one makes money because no one is shopping. everyone already quit. They just started a one thing program trying to make people use their malls but one thing is not enough. They try to push it on non-profits but they all see it as a home business scam and want nothing to do with it. They can always tell you about the one person that is making money but 10000’s don’t make a dime. It’s is close to impossible to give it away. They say no selling, you have to sell their website and you will spend $100’s and you can’t give the thing away so all you downline if you do have one, they quit. You need 10,000 people in your downline shopping and spending $150.00 a month to make any money and it’s imposible. It is a big waste of time, and believe me you have to sell and sell and sell, and then keep on any little down line you get to SHOP. They are very close minded so making any suggestions is a waste of time. The forum is a waste of time because it it mostly just ginny dye butt kissers and they defend each other to protect the party line. Very few will ever get the 10000 people minimum needed to make any money. The only person making money at MPM is Ginny Dye. Watch their movie and do the math yourself. It will take you 100 years to get 10000 people shopping in your down line. It’s hard to get one new person a week, that is 10000 weeks, and they don’t even shop. It’s a nice mall but you will never make any money. Go there to shop but forget any idea of ever making money and don’t waste your time in the forum. If you don’t believe me, just watch the movie and do the math. It is impossible to get the 100000000 people they clame. It is so unbelieveable that you can not give a Mall away.

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