OMG! He Knows My Home Address!

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Which hasn’t worried me before. But a couple of days ago, I got this in the mail from Steve, who is the CEO of everything, apparently. I post it here just for the record and so that someone can alert the police if I turn up missing. Click on the picture to see it in it’s full-sized glory.

Steve aka Picasso

Umm….yeah. Thanks, man [nervous laugh]. It’s really…good.

Maybe I’m overreacting. At least the cartoon Joe has a head, right? It’s a happy picture, I suppose. There are no weapons or blood smears. Still, it does give one pause. This is the guy who handles ITT finances and technical issues. None of you have sent him checks, have you?? You might want to change your home address.

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One Comment

  1. I’d say I’m a pretty good artist. Willing to sign a graphic artist contract deal if anyone is interested in hiring me. I specialize in trees and houses.


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