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Make Money Online… Playing Games!? Moola.com Review


There are two things that every single person in the world inherently enjoys: playing games and making money. Now, what happens when you combine the two and actually give people a chance to make real, cold hard cash? Well, you my friend have one hell of a business model. With that said, Moola.com has one hell of a business model.

No investment, just good, clean, wholesome family fun.

Moola works by giving you $.01 to start. You wager that penny against another user with one penny in a head-to-head epic battle of luck where the winner takes all, effectively doubling what you started with. Sure, two cents doesn’t seem like much, but as you continue winning, you continue doubling what is in your account. If you win 30 games in a row, you’re looking at a $10,737,418.24 grand prize. Not to shabby for just playing games. Now the odds of ever coming even remotely close to the top level, let alone risking over $5 million dollars on a game of chance, are almost definitely impossible. However, that’s not to say that you can’t actually win any money.

What happens if you lose it all? Well, for starters, your account will look like this $0.00, you will probably curse Moola.com, and likely want to give up. But, fear not! All you have to do is watch an ad, answer a question and you’ll be given another penny to wager.

My Strategy for Actually Winning Money.

I haven’t been particularly active in Moola.com in the past few months, but I have cashed out over $100 in one day before. There’s a simple way to make and retain money instead of losing it all. This was the method I used to cash out big time. It’s easy to do, but it can be time consuming.

  1. Start at Level 1 and work your way up to Level 9 which is $5.12. This may take a while to do if you’re new and not used to the Moola.com games. You can pick a higher or lower level depending on your skill level. The more games you play, the better you will become. So stick with it.
  2. Now, START OVER. From Level 1 and work your way back up to Level 9, and simply lather, rinse, repeat.
  3. If at any point in time you lose this time around, you have to start over at the bottom again. Don’t start digging into your account for funds. You must start with one penny and work your way up.

Okay, this method is fairly obvious and just about anyone can see that it does indeed work. It’s worked for me time and time again.

Boosters and Search to Win.

Every now and then, Moola.com will randomly award you with a reward for playing. These prizes range from $.02 to $9,000. The most I ever was awarded was $10 in one shot. I instantly cashed that out and received a $10 for literally no reason at all. Aside from random boosters, you can do a Google search and spin a wheel of chance four times per day. Again, the prizes range from $.02 to $9,000, so you will always win. I placed a link in my bookmarks and whenever I do a search, I use Moola.com and get paid to do it. This simply can’t be beat.

Invite your friends!

Moola.com has an impressive referral program that will award you every time one of your referrals, four levels deep, cashes out. If you manage to pull in a few referrals tonight, you will get paid for everyone you can get to sign up. So, tell your friends.

Okay, so Moola.com isn’t going to turn you into a millionaire, but it’s fun and there are a lot of rewards out there that could easily earn you a few bucks for simply playing games. It’s a great time-waster and can be extremely exhilarating to bet your entire account balance on one game. Sign up today!

Click here to sign up with Moola.com today!

Note: There are only 100 invitations available. After, today I don’t know how many we will have. Feel free to send me an email with your username and auto-invite link and I will compile a list of links for those wishing to give away invitations who signed up through I’ve Tried That.

Update: Their mailservers are getting hammered. As long as you request an invite before 11:59PM EST, you’ll receiving it and you’ll automatically be bumped up to Level 6. Request your invite now!

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  1. Moola has has cash out issues since they disabled the wheel and then later disabled roulette and slots on their partner site (in fact they keep losing full partnership access with other sites due to cashout issues). They expedited payoffs for people cashing out with a prepaid card. Still, their payouts tend to be VERY delayed. I waited 60 days for $15 which doesn’t denote an outright scam, but I’ve heard of others waiting and having their payout dates pushed back. I can understand why some people have said scam but really it’s poor money management:

    “Over the course of the last year or two, Moola has been having major issues in actually awarding members of the site their money. Cash out times have increased dramatically, at one point being over 20 weeks for even the lowest possible amount of 10 dollars. Add to this the fact that cheques, which were once free, had a $10 dollar price tag on them (now reduced down to $5 as of April 2010) and the fact Paypal was taking away $5 (now reduced to nothing).

    From Wiki:

    A new cash out system was introduced June 24 of 2009, in which a total overhaul was done. The basic idea, was that $10 dollar cash outs would be given top priority over all others, in an effort to reduce waiting times for the majority of players and get waiting times back down to around 4 weeks. However, this obviously had a major backlash as well, as any cash outs of amounts over $10 dollars were put on hold. If there wasn’t enough in the “prize pool threshold for the month”, then they were simply carried over to the next month, and continued to wait. Some people have been reported to have been waiting for over two years for cash outs for as little as $50.

    As of July 2010, it has been confirmed by Moola management that cash outs for 10 dollars, the lowest amount, are currently backlogged to January 2010. Meaning the site has officially not paid anyone any cashouts, meaning no actual money, in over 14 months.

  2. it is not a scam dude, ur such a liar.


    MOOLA IS A SCAM, trust me, don’t waste your time, the people behind moola are crooks and cheats.

    At first I didn’t trust all the bad things people said about this scam website, but after I managed to get $26, moola refused to pay me, they even accused me of having more than one account, which I honestly don’t.

    And then they asked for my photo ID but not just regular photo ID but something like a driver license for “verification purposes”, oh yeah, like I’m gonna fall for that, not a f*ck chance I’m gonna give my important infos to these shits.

    In the end, I only lost my time,nothing more and you don’t have to.


  4. Is this only for USA or can others too take part? Im at the Republic of Ireland


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