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Online Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


You’re going shopping on Black Friday? You mean, in a real store? What are you, nuts?

When I invented the Internet back in 1983, I did it because of Black Friday. Not very many people know that. I dreamed that one day everyone who hates shopping as much as I did would be able to use my Internet to do all of their holiday shopping from the comfort of their own kitchen table (because that was the only surface in the house wide enough to hold those big-ass computers).

It was kind of slow to catch on, though, for some reason. People were nervous about shooting their personal info out into the tubes (the Internet is a series of tubes. Not many people know that, either.) So I invented Amazon.com, and then the idea really took off. I think it was the name. People thought visiting the site would show them some hot, muscular, mostly naked Native babes. And then they got there and saw it was about books and decided to stay, anyway. Hey, I don’t understand mob psychology. I just profit from it.

Which reminds me of the subject of this post: Black Friday. Really, you don’t want to go out there. We’re talking mass hysteria, pushing, shoving, rudeness and noise, dogs and cats living together! Why not stay home and take advantage of these awesome deals?

Check for updates to this post throughout the next few days as we will continually be adding more great savings.


Each year, Amazon runs 6 days of AMAZING deals. I’m talking ‘Nintendo Wii being offered at $79’ amazing. There is a catch though. You must sign-up at Amazon.com and then vote for your favorite deal. If that deal wins, you can be randomly selected to buy that deal for the discounted price. I bought a brand new Xbox 360 for $100 last year.

Click here to be taken to the Amazon.com Black Friday Deals page.

Aside from that, use the widget below to find the absolute best deals on Amazon.com on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving Event! Black Friday – 3 Days of HUGE Discounts! exp 11/27/07

Entertainment Book
Get $5 off and FREE Shipping when you buy the 2008 Entertainment book!

“HP Black Friday “”Gift For You Sweepstakes” – Visit on November 23 for the HP Black Friday Shopper Giveaway

JC Whitney

Pac Sun – Added 11/21/2007
FREE Shipping on ALL Orders! Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Only.

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  2. Yesss! Someone finally got it!

  3. Anyone who does random Ghostbusters refrences is a friend of mine. Great post, to bad I’m too late to cash in on all these deals. That’ll teach me to check in periodically.:p


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