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We’ve been busy here at I’ve Tried That, what with promoting our own e-book and throwing up some affiliate links to help you avoid the horror of post-Thanksgiving shopping. But we’re anxious to get back to our core principle: trying out online programs and letting you know what we think. Our next review will be on, as requested by Teresa, a sharp-eyed I’ve Tried That reader. We’ve purchased the ebook and will give a no-nonsense review in the next couple of days.

Out of all the possible ebooks we could review, why this one? Well, we’re intrigued by the promise on its presell page:

You will NOT need to any of the following:

  • NO Email Answering
  • NO Data Entry
  • NO Affiliate Program
  • NO Dealing With People
  • NO Money Involved
  • NO Website Needed
  • NO Postcard/Letter Mailing
  • NO Phone Calling
  • NO Promoting
  • NO Buying

So that leaves what, exactly? Pay per click? for $1,000 per week? Based on what I know about Internet incomes, swearing off those things eliminates every online income-producing method. (See Six Requirements for Making Money Online for why that’s the case.) So maybe this ebook author has some secret that she’s going to let us in on for $8. I doubt it, but would like to be proven wrong.

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  1. It basically lists parties that allegedly pay per unit or pay per piece/batch for craftwork. Trouble is, for most of these companies/parties, only the address/PO box is listed. No contact numbers, no emails. You have to snail mail to them to ask for details. Other things include being a freelance agent doing the administrative work for people claiming their ‘unclaimed assets’. A similat ebook can be downloaded free off the Internet.


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