Dear My Power Mall Enthusiasts,

Our original My Power Mall Review has sparked more interest and more comments on this site than any other post we’ve made to date. More and more opinions are added each day as well.

People fall under two clear distinctions, leaving nothing in the middle. You either strongly oppose MPM or you’ll ride the sinking ship all the way to the bottom of the ocean. Either way, a question that has been raised again and again to MPM supporters is about offering some proof that MPM actually works. We have yet to see any form of documentation showing a payment being made. So, we’re looking for a guest a post that offers the story of the good side of MPM. There are a few requirements though:

  • We want some details on how big your downline is and how much you’ve made to date. This information has to be proven as well through screenshots and/or pictures of checks/debit cards or whatever MPM uses to pay its members.
  • We won’t accept a post that repeats MPM business theory or cheerleading. Maybe it could work. We want proof that it is working.

If you are one of the few that will defend MPM until the end, send us an email through our contact page. We anxiously await to be proven wrong. We realize, of course, that you don’t have to prove anything. Go ahead and build your business and we wish you success. You’re told not to waste time with naysayers (“haters?” Where does that term come from?), and that people laughed at Thomas Edison until he succeeded. But remember: when he succeeded, his harshest critics became investors.

Steven and Joseph

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