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Make Even More Money with Moola.com: BoosterBar and December’s Booster Blitz

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As if we didn’t talk about Moola.com enough already, we’re back with yet another update on how you can earn the most amount of money possible through Moola. This week, the update is covering the new Booster Bar and Moola’s December Booster Blitz.

The Booster Bar

Moola has recently released their Booster Bar, which is essentially a toolbar that doubles the amount of times you can spin the money wheel through search and win (we covered search and win in this post). In order to download the Booster Bar, you need to first login to your account, then come back and then click here to be taken to the toolbar page. Now, the Moola bar appears to be just another obtrusive toolbar for your favorite internet browser but there are ways to maximize it’s usefulness.

Here’s how I make the most money possible and hardly ever see the toolbar at all. For the most part, I leave the bar hidden. This can be done by right-clicking anywhere in the top of the browser and unchecking Moola BoosterBar. Thus, the toolbar is out of sight and out of mind. Now, in order to make money with it, you first need to conduct a search through Moola. If you spin the wheel, great. Collect your prize, but now unhide the Booster Bar and do another search, but this time use the search box on the right hand side of toolbar. You’ll be given another free spin and thus, be given more money. I also find that the toolbar pays out much better than the website. Typically, I make 10 – 25 cents per search and hardly ever hit the 2 cent spot. After, you finish searching, just re-hide the toolbar. You only need to activate it after you initially spin through the website. Other than that, you never have to see it.

This is also a great time to install the toolbar as Moola has stated the $9,000 prize will be won before January 1st. Considering no one has won yet, there’s still time for anyone to win the grand prize. All you need to do is search.

December Booster Blitz

Moola is hosting what the call a “Booster Blitz” for December. The event starts tonight at 6PM (EST) and covers a 6 hours span until midnight. During this time, you will be given a chance to spin the booster wheel after you play a game. While this doesn’t happen after every single game, you’ll see the wheel a lot. However, this time around the wheel will only carry denominations from $.50 to $9! You’ll be guaranteed at least 50 cents every time you spin. The more games you play, the more times you spin. So, join in tonight for the fun and hopefully you can walk away with a nice chunk of cash. I know I’ll be playing.

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