Wouldn’t it be great if employers came to you and asked you to listen to them instead of you crawling to them, begging for an interview? And you know what would be even better? If those employers paid you to interview. If NotchUp.com can pull it off, that vision is possible.

I’m pretty stoked cuz I just cashed out my 2nd $50 payment through SurveySavvy. It’s not much, I know, but I’ve only taken one or two surveys for them. The rest of that $100 was completely passive.

We’ve got some big changes cooking up. New looks, plans for new reviews, a new version of our book, and entirely new store front. We may also actually attempt to promote the forum as well. Expect to see a new contest soon as well. 2008 is looking good.

It’s not really an Ode: just a straightforward product promotion. If you were really looking for poetry, you can see a haiku and a limerick in the My Power Mall thread (which is going gangbusters, much to Steve’s chagrin). Just search for “Haiku.” So I’ve used my 2008 Entertainment Book twice and it’s already paid […]

We get the strangest email, such as this one about a week ago: I have received my book from you so l picked stuffing envelopes.I sent two dollars to Choice 919 Centre St.NW,Suite #225 Calgary,AB T2E-2P6 I have not recived enthink. Let ME KNOW Thank You “Let me know.” Umm…can anyone help me out with […]