It’s not really an Ode: just a straightforward product promotion. If you were really looking for poetry, you can see a haiku and a limerick in the My Power Mall thread (which is going gangbusters, much to Steve’s chagrin). Just search for “Haiku.”

So I’ve used my 2008 Entertainment Book twice and it’s already paid for itself. I bought a large pizza at Papa Murphy’s and got the 2nd one free (saved $11), and bought a Big Juan burrito at Taco Time and got the 2nd one free (saved $3.19). The pizza was great, but the burrito sucked. Good thing it was free! The book cost me $15 with free shipping, and it’s already earned its space in my junk drawer.

If you eat out at all or do anything besides surf the web for fun, why would you not buy one of these things? You can read our original Entertainment Book review here, or just go straight to the banner at the top of this page to buy yours.

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  • mortimas

    MAN!!! I always buy that thing, and always save more than I spent on it, plus it is usually to support a local ball team or something. So it is all good!!!

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