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I’ve Tried That Tries a Facelift


Happy Sunday, everybody! Welcome to the new look of I’ve Tried That. We decided it was time for an update—a sexier, less text-heavy design for 2008. If you’re reading this in RSS or e-mail, drop in and check out our new digs. Click “Read full story” below to learn how to find your way around.

How to Navigate
The top center spot is for a “featured post,” which will not necessarily be the newest post. For the new posts every day (or so), look for the “Latest Posts” heading below the category tabs on the home page.

As you can see, we are going to use excerpts now instead of displaying the full post every time. You can easily scan a few headlines and click through to read the ones that interest you. You can also browse posts by category using the category tabs on the home page beneath the featured post. That’s below the bridge picture. Clicking a category tab will open that tab to display our two most recent posts in that category and a link where you can find more posts about that topic.

You’ll also see tabs in the right column for “Categories,” “Latest,” and “Popular,” which are self explanatory. These tabs will show you linked post titles but no excerpts.

Our Recommended list has a prominent spot in the center column of the main page, as does our “Saved” count. It tracks the number of people who have written to say, “Thanks, guys! You saved me some money.” 40 people so far, for a total of over $12,000. Not too bad. And finally, links to our ebook and to the forum are now easy to find in content blocks on the lower right. We also suggest you register an account for the forum by clicking here. You can interact with us on a daily basis and have your voice heard.

This theme has lots of possibilities, including video, should Steve choose to share his interpretive dance routine. We hope it’s user friendly and more pleasant to look at and that it will help us deliver better content to you. It’s the first of several new ideas for 2008, including contests, giveaways, and more scambusting program and product tryouts.

So visit early, visit often. Make yourself heard in comments and the forum. Shoot us ideas for reviews or invite yourself to do a guest post. It’s going to be a great year at I’ve Tried That, and we want you to be a big part of it.

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  1. Very nice! Looks real slick and simple, good use of space.

  2. I’m loving the new look. Great job guys

  3. WOW! All the info we’re used to seeing and still easy to access: less ‘cluttered’ looking. The more upbeat, positive feel emphasizes the support side of the site rather than the ‘ warnings’.

  4. Very professional great job, I feel at home here. Steve I like the links on the right. Real nice, We get our own forum just like MPM forum

  5. I like the new look. Very formal and professional. Well done.

  6. Site looks great ,,,nice work!

  7. Thanks Gary. Joe wanted to a pink/purple layout, but I wasn’t having that. Blue is the way to go.

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