Why are you here reading this post? Odds are, you’re looking for a way to make some money, very easily and very quickly. Whether it’s through a data entry job (they don’t exist!), online mall promotions (spending $30 to make 10 cents? Where’s the logic?), or any other ridiculous scheme to come about since the invention of the internet, you want cash and you want it now.

Due to the nature of your quest, there are going to be thousands of programs out there wanting to cash in on your greed. They will show off bank accounts with earnings in the six digits, a lavish lifestyle, and very happy people holding very large amounts of cash. But above all, they will promise that anyone with a computer can live the dream. More often than not, you’ll be told that you too can be “financially free.”


Have you ever read two words together that contradict themselves as much as these two do? It really is quite disgusting. No one here is going to be ‘financially free.’ Ever. Plain and simple. Regardless of how much money you make, we all have bills to pay and we all have to work hard to make ends meet. If you think you can sit on your ass and get paid, you’re living in a dream world.

Money will ALWAYS be one of the most important factors in your life seeing as the amount of money you have directly equates to the quality of living you can achieve. You can’t live like a millionaire if you aren’t making the same wages as a millionaire. Sure you can win the lottery, but we can all agree the odds are heavily stacked against you.

So please, do us all a favor and stop buying into these programs. It’s the same bullshit rehashed over and over again. The only thing that changes with each presell page are the pictures of the people holding wads of cash with their fake smiles. I highly suggest you read my guide on how to spot the ebook presell page. It will open your eyes and might change your life.

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  • Tenny

    What I believe is a good business which can give us enough money should be built with your time, effort, and even money itself. Never expect luck by chance without put any effort…as my friend told me “No free lunch!” :)

  • Dave

    “I don’t think anyone can ever fully achieve a state of harmony.”

    That remains to be seen. But people can put strategies into play that can and do move them closer to the ideal, no matter what semantic is used to describe it.

    You might want to spend some time and think about what you write. Your issue is with semantics and not a state of being.

    Nice try, though. Keep practicing.

  • Work At Home No Scams
    Work At Home No Scams

    Interesting post! I’m a bit torn by it. I feel what your saying but I think when the term financial freedom is kicked around, the gist of it is that if you’re making good money (whatever that number may be) you have a lot more freedom to do things that you enjoy.

    Yes even the rich do work in some capacity but you have a lot more time to play when you have achieved “financial freedom”.
    No one will ever be free of the need for money. We live in capitalist society so by definition we can’t ever be free of money and its constraints.

    However I would argue that Financial freedom is when you’ve amassed so much wealth that you’re not consumed by acquiring more of it. It may always be top of mind but when you have achieved financial freedom you’re not a slave of the dollar. Now is a $39.95 ebook from clickbank going to help you achieve this?

    Hell nah! But some hard work may.


  • Steve

    I do like financial peace better, but the stress of money is always going to be looming. I don’t think anyone can ever fully achieve a state of harmony.

  • Derek

    I definitely agree that financial freedom is a misconception, and misnomer for the intended definition. As a definite subscriber to the philosophies of Dave Ramsey, I would put forth the ambition to have financial peace.

    To have financial peace you don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to have a lot of things – content with what you have and not slaving to pay someone else for money you didn’t have to begin with. I realize more peace on a daily basis as we get closer to that day where my family and I aren’t hindered by the stress of finances.

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