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I’ve Tried That Tries High School Debate

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As our regular readers know, the review of My Power Mall has become something of a phenomenon. It’s taken on a life of its own, really. Steve and I no longer have control of the monster we spawned.

But is it possible some good has come from it? Steve and I received a somewhat cryptic email message last week. It stated in part:

This has made an interesting study of business, society, and economics. I thank you, and my class thanks you. Not that it should make a difference, but I promised I’d pass along results of an informal poll of my students and their families.
The results were :
5% pro MPM
93% against
2%.didn’t vote ( sick day)
Thanks Again,
Mr J Duggin and the entire 11 th grade class of JFK High
( goooooooooooo Tigers !!!!)

So if I’m reading this correctly, I’ve Tried That, and specifically the My Power Mall beast thread, were the subjects of study in a high school class. Pretty cool! I don’t know if it’s true because the teacher, Mr J Duggin, has used fake email addresses every time he comments or writes us. A Google search turned up nothing. (Hey, JD, if you’re reading this, contact me with a real address, eh?)

I like to think it’s true, though. It would round out our portfolio nicely: we save you money, show you honestly how to make a couple hundred bucks working from home, and educate the young, impressionable minds of today’s youth. Just all in a day’s work at I’ve Tried That.

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One Comment

  1. I think this is a great idea bringing this into the classroom. What a way for kids to take a look at what could possibly be a hugh mistake. Most kids would never know that most of these things are scams. Hey most of us adults wouldn’t know.


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