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New Look, New Contest


Synchronization isn’t one of our key points here at I’ve Tried That. We already have humor, wit, charm, and most importantly, good looks. However, we often find ourselves with not enough time to do everything we like. After all, Joe manages to provide updates given the fact that he has a full time job, five kids, a wife, and the hobby where you build little ships inside bottles and I, well, do stuff also. However, with all of our excuses aside, we’d like to officially launch our first contest in 2008!

I’ve Tried That Forum Growth Contest 2008

Our Intentions:
This may be just me, but I think we have a really great idea here. We’re helping others save money and time on scams by trying them first. We generally receive good feedback and welcome any comment, criticism or lead. We’d like to head in the direction of user-driven content. Specifically, we’d like to spread the word about our forum and create a thriving community where anyone can chime in with their opinion. This will also give us more of an opportunity to interact with our readers. For helping us do this, we’d like to offer you a bit of a reward.

First things first: you’ll need to register an account at our forum by clicking here. Following that, here are a list of things you must do in order to qualify for one of the prizes outlined below.

  • I’ve created a post in the ‘Introductions’ section of the forum. You must reply to that thread in order to qualify.
  • From now until the contest ends, you need to have a post count of at least 20 posts. These can be replies or new threads, but your post count must be above 20!
  • We will be heavily moderating posts that look like spam, so be thoughtful with your choice of words.
  • The contest is scheduled to end February 29th, 2008. It’s a long contest, I know. But the outcome should be beneficial for us all and at this length, we can hopefully attract a few more contest sponsors.

Currently, we have 10 prizes to distribute. Five of the prizes will be distributed completely at random. If you made an account, created an introduction, and have 20 or more posts, you’ll automatically be entered to win a prize. The remaining five prizes will be given at our creative discretion. This can be anything from ‘The Most Thoughtful Reply’ or ‘The Most Creative Username.’ I’m not saying that these will be options, but just an example of potential prize winning categories. On to the prizes!

Good luck! We actually hope a few of you give a damn enough to help us get our forum on the right track.

See you on the forums.

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  1. Harold, the posts under “Previous Stories” are the “Known Scams” posts.

  2. Sounds like a cool contest! Hey, I visited the Known Scams page ( https://ivetriedthat.com/category/known-scams/ ) but none are listed there. I think that would be an important listing on this website, if you actually had it, since folks are probably seeking this out on the ‘Net and could find them here. If you had it. Something to consider…

  3. I love this idea. keep up the good work guys.


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