If you’ve spent any time on the job market for career-level jobs, you know what a nightmare it can be. (By “career-level,” I mean a full-time job that you will do for a long time to support yourself and your loved ones and whatever bad habits you’ve cultivated. My vice is Diet Coke, but that’s another story. I don’t mean the part-time job you’ll do until you can pay off Christmas debt.)

Wouldn’t it be great if employers came to you and asked you to listen to them instead of you crawling to them, begging for an interview? And you know what would be even better? If those employers paid you to interview. If NotchUp.com can pull it off, that vision is possible.

NotchUp aims to be an interview brokerage service. In theory, employers looking for specific skills will go to NotchUp, look through its member profiles, then pay a set fee to interview members that meet their needs. It’s supposed to work because this route is much less expensive for employers than using a recruiter, which charges a percentage of the candidate’s salary, if hired. I’ve registered as a technical and marketing writer, and if you want to interview me, it will cost you $250! I haven’t had any interviews yet, but my membership is only two days old. I’ll keep you posted.

Sounds ripe for gaming and fraud, you say? NotchUp has thought of that and has built preventive measures into the system. So you can’t go on posing as an ex-CEO with an MBA: you’ll be found out and drawn and quartered.

So if you have a decent resume, a college degree, and are working in a high-demand industry, it couldn’t hurt to check it out. (And if you really have a good resume and some awesome experience, e-mail me and I’ll send you one of my NotchUp invitations. That way you won’t have to apply to be accepted.)

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  • Andrew

    why wouldn’t he want money? Why wouldn’t you want to give him the money if you wouldn’t have found out about the site without him? All he’s effectively asking for is for you to do something that won’t hurt you at all, but help him. Never hurts to ask ;-) Sorry, i would’ve asked you but I already signed up.
    No offoers yet though :( I guess cuz I’m a recent college grad, but in a couple of years this’ll be cool (if it’s still around that is)

  • Joe

    Easy there, Don Quixote. When I wrote the post, sign-up was by invitation only because they hadn’t fully rolled out the site. And any commission I get from sign ups does NOT come out of my referrals’ interview payment.

    Get off your self-righteous high horse. Rube.


    DO NOT ASK HIM FOR AN INVITE. That’s bullshit. Go to the site and apply yourself, he just gets a 10% commission on everyone he invites that is interviewed and paid.

    JERK, using your blog to scam money off of invited “FRIENDS”.

  • Bryan Starbuck
    Bryan Starbuck

    TalentSpring.com (my company), JobFox, and ItzBig are three companies working on making hiring more efficient. Now NotchUp is also doing some interesting things in this space.

    The first three are working on advanced ways to job seekers to their ideal job opening. And employers to their ideal job candidate.

    TalentSpring goes beyond that to rank resumes within an industry. We do this to benefit Job Seekers by getting the attention of employees. Job seekers rank well in areas they are passionate about and where they have invested in their work experience and education.

    Since job seekers will rank well in areas they are interested in, we can bring large numbers of employers back to that job seeker. Specifically, we email a wide range of employers of job types that the job seeker considers ideal. This way the job seeker wins because they have their ideal types of employers actively listening to them. (Ranking resumes gives us the power to accomplish this)

    Bryan Starbuck

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