Build A Niche Store Progress Update: February 3rd.


Here is the first follow-up on my Build a Niche Store review. Below is an outline of everything I’ve spent thus far, the nature of my traffic, and the total number of sales. I plan on creating a new post every Sunday or Monday updating everyone with my status using the software.

Total Expenses:
$97.00 – Build A Niche Store Software
$14.75 – Domain from
$18.00 – Purchased three articles
$18.00 – Social Bookmarking Submission Services
$3.50 – Website Directory Submission Services

Total Traffic:

254 Visitors.
11 Clicks.
0 Sales.
$0 from sales.

Total Profit:

Nothing positive thus far. I did mange to pull in a few hundred visitors. Only 5 of those visitors came from this blog. I purchased some keyword rich articles, a website directory submission service, and a social bookmarking submission service. These have all been purchased today and I won’t be able to report on their effectiveness until later.

I have given myself until February 29th to make my investment back. If I continue to work at this pace and see zero or minimal sales, then I’ll be severely disappointed. Regardless of what happens, the software is phenomenal. If you want to setup your own fully functional eBay store, Build a Niche Store is highly recommended. It took me about 20 minutes to have a fully-loaded store up and running. I spend the next day adding content, advertisements, and making sure I understood just how everything worked.

If you’re interested in running your own niche store, or perhaps your very own MALL, I will gladly assist you in setting up the software and with any other technical questions you may have. Use the contact forum located at the top of this page to send me an email.

Stay tuned next week as I will hopefully make my first sale relatively soon.

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