Several people have written lately to ask us to check out rebate processing jobs. Are these new to the online “jobs” scene? I hadn’t noticed them prior to about four weeks ago. Either I was just browsing the wrong sites, or they’re a brand new animal—but I doubt that.

Two Web sites in particular seem to be attracting a lot of attention: EZ Rebate Processing and Rebate Processor Jobs. They look cut from the same cloth: stock photos of smiling, happy people, pictures of cash, testimonials, slashed prices, yellow highlighter, and yes, a countdown timer to get you to buy now because OMG! Can’t you see that time is running out?! You see the timer?? Only 30 seconds left!

The two sites even use almost identical images to illustrate the “job.” Check it out (click on the images to see the full size, nasty pictures):

Site ASite B

Despite these similarities, there are some differences. One features pictures of a car, a jet, and a mansion to inspire you about the lifestyle you’ll lead. The other features a happy family to make the same point. But the important difference is this: one charges $197 for the secrets of getting rich by processing rebates, and the other charges $39. Guess which one we’ll be signing up for?

When you hear “rebate processing…”
I’m almost 100% certain these companies don’t deliver on what they’re leading you to believe. If you’re someone who might search online for a rebate processing job, you are probably thinking that big companies, like, say Best Buy, need people to do the paperwork and data entry associated with all those special offer rebates, right? That’s the expectation that the Web sites are cultivating with the term “rebate processor jobs.”

Before even clicking the sign up button, I’m suspicious. I’m suspicious because of the tell-tale signs of the presell page, which Steve warned us about long ago. I’m suspicious because, if this is really a “job,” why am I the one paying money? Shouldn’t I be receiving it after doing some work? Those warnings right there are enough to make me want to run away. But this is I’ve Tried That. We try stuff and show you what’s really going on. It’s what we do.

Stay tuned.

Update: We took the initiative and signed up for Rebate Processor Jobs. Click here to continue reading.

Update: Read the full review of here.

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  • Amy Cordis
    Amy Cordis

    Is there such a thing as a rebate processor job to work from home? And if there is where can I find one that is legit and with no fees to pay.

    • Joe

      Amy, if there is such a thing, we have never seen it.

  • jacklin reese
    jacklin reese

    dear sir,
    i’m a customer of and i’ve asked for my refund back also…the contract is 3 mos participation at least and in that time if you do not make a profit a refund can be requested by submitting a refund request form….so this is what i did..i sent a copy of their conf.ltr. to me from the beginning and a ltr. of explanation explaining my none sucess with the product along with a self stamped addr envelope for their response…homeprofit advertisement has a connection with clickbank products company for affliates to submitt free classified ads on the internet for their products… anyway here is their refund m/a::R R Center, 3600 Ocean View #2, Glendale, CA 91202

  • Owen
    Reply is the website

  • Owen

    Im not interested in get rich quick schemes but I had a look at their website, the photo with the asian guy in it comes from VA. further down the page is an asian woman from CA but with the same backdrop in the photo. Even worse is that the picture also has a bit of the black shirt that the first guy has on. Big scam! You can see it a mile off. Typical cut and paste.

  • Joe

    Sorry, Michelle, but I don’t know what they mean. If you can’t get any more help from them, I suggest skipping their process and going straight to your credit card company. File a complaint saying what you got isn’t what you were promised. They should then refund your money.

  • michelle lyons
    michelle lyons

    i am trying to get a refund from ez rebate processing. they say you have to have a customer rufund form yet they leave out where to find it. can you help me? anything would be appreciated.

  • steve

    that is part of underling issues in the u.s.a. everbody expects they deserve somthing for something .

  • Harold

    I just noticed a rebate processor job today in my girlfriend’s Junk box. *Apparently* the email was from; you might want to add them to your list of sites to test out.

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