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I’ve Tried That Items of Interest


This is just a quick post outlining some of the details that go on behind the scenes here at I’ve Tried That. We like to keep our readers informed of the work that we do and the plans we have for the future.

Updated Version of Our Book

Our pride and joy, The Complete I’ve Tried That Guide to Telecommuting, is getting some major rework done. We’re fully updating all of her contents with plenty of new information to help you better your quest to find that ideal work at home job. Included in the rework is a face-lift. We’re losing the boring format of long blocks of text. The updated version will be easier on the eyes and a lot more fun to read. Along with the changes will be a new system of pricing. We still let you pick your own price, but I highly recommend that you spend at least $9.95 on the book now. We’ll release more details as to why later. Click here to learn more about our book.

Personal Attacks

As much as we like to bring scammers down, please refrain from personal attacks, excessive name calling, and posting overly creepy images of their houses. We’ve been threatened with lawsuits in the past and I’d really hate to have to go to court in the future. Keep the libel and slander to a minimum, please.

Fake Checks

I’m only going to say this once: if you receive a check for a few thousand dollars out of the blue, IT IS A SCAM. No one in their right mind randomly sends $3,900 to complete strangers!

The Forum

Believe it or not, I’ve Tried That has a message board. We have over 100 members, but 0 active posters, myself and Joseph included. I’d like to develop this into a more active community so please, take the time to register an account and start talking on the message board already!

That’s it for now. You reached the bottom of our post. There’s nothing left to do except visit the message board!

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